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Update OnOctober 28, 2022
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Without any competition or combat experience, To the Moon APK simply gives players a compelling story about the character’s inner world. Unexpected and interesting situations will constantly take place, which you need to complete to continue your journey. First, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about To the Moon

To the Moon – Adventure game that combines RPG with a strange story

The touching journey of two doctors Rosalene and Watt in the journey of two doctors Rosalene and Watt will bring you many interesting experiences. This is essentially an RPG game with extremely simple gameplay and a deep storyline. Each situation in the game will give players a deep impression.

To the Moon

At the same time, the inner world of each character is also published by X.D. Network shows very well. Walk through the memories of a dying man in this game and discover his wish now. Currently, you can download To the Moon through Google Play for as little as $4.99. Or you can also play the game completely for free by downloading it through the APK link below the article.

Experience a unique storyline

Join To the Moon, players will be transformed into one of two doctors, Rosalene and Watt. They always want to give their patients the best. Specifically, helping people who are about to die to have the opportunity to be resurrected from the moment they were born through memory. The story in the game is inspired by the main character named Johnny.

He is an elderly patient in the final stages of treatment before leaving life. His last wish was to go to the moon. And you will find ways to help Johnny fulfill his last wish with experience and use to the best of his ability. Gradually, Johnny’s life is revealed through the patchwork of memories. You will understand why this man wants to go to the moon before he is about to leave life.

Explore each character’s inner self

download to the moon mod

To the Moon allows players to immerse themselves in a fascinating fantasy story that simulates a close and rustic life. Accordingly, you will not see any competition or combat elements appearing in this game. All you need to do is play as one of the two doctors Rosalene and Watt to find Johnny’s memories.

In this process, players will gradually understand more about the main character’s memory domain through the images shown on the screen. It could be any event or place that Johnny has experienced in his life. Your task is to find clues that appear randomly. Once completed, you can uncover new pieces of memory to better understand why he wanted to go to the moon.

Support multiple languages

As a game that emphasizes interaction, To the Moon integrates many different languages. Thanks to that, any player can access the content available in the game without too much difficulty. You can access the settings to be able to switch to many popular languages ​​such as English, Russian, Korean and more. This will ensure that the content that the game wants to convey will be suitable for each audience. In the future, many new languages ​​will be updated to bring more choices for players.

Beautiful pictures, inspirational sounds

download to the moon apk

All elements in To the Moon create an endless space like the player is enjoying a meaningful movie. Pixel-style graphics will make everything much simpler and more realistic. You can still feel the familiar content on the screen from the first time. Moreover, the color scheme in the game is also shown very well with light and dark tones being reasonably expressed.

In addition, you will enjoy the original soundtrack throughout the game. The background music is closely connected with the game progression to help players always feel the excitement during the adventure. When the music plays, the player will quickly feel at ease without any worries. Try playing the game for the most accurate experience.

How to install To the Moon

Step 1: Please check your phone and uninstall other versions of To the Moon if available.

Step 2: Click “Download” at the bottom of this article and choose to download the APK file.

Step 3: Once downloaded, click on the file and select “Install”.

Step 4: Relax a bit and wait for the installation to complete. Then you can open the game and play it right away.

Download To The Moon APK for Android

Overall, the story in To the Moon opens before the player’s eyes like a meaningful movie that you should not miss. You can beat the game in a few hours without getting bored through the content that appears continuously. Each location in the game has its own mysteries about the character’s life. You should explore them all to gain a deeper understanding of the main plot. Download this game via the APK link to play it for free now.

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