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Crunchyroll Games, LLC
Update OnMarch 17, 2023
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Street Fighter: Duel APK is a mobile RPG based on the classic Street Fighter franchise. The game features iconic characters with stunning graphics and smooth gameplay. It also allows players to collect and upgrade a powerful team of warriors ready to take on any foe. Refer to this article to understand better.

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Introduce about Street Fighter: Duel

Street Fighter: Duel – Enter the world of Street Fighter in a whole new style

Are you ready to enter the whole new world of Street Fighter through the arrival of Street Fighter: Duel? This is an RPG game developed by the famous publisher Crunchyroll Games, LLC that promises to bring players completely new fighting experiences. Joining the game, players will directly lead authentic heroes to fight in uncompromising arenas.

It has matches against AI or real-time online matches against different opponents around the world. In addition, Street Fighter: Duel offers constant updates and new content to attract players. With new characters and skins appearing constantly, players will never get tired of playing. You should try downloading this game through Google Play to discover it right away.

Fast-paced combat gameplay

In Street Fighter: Duel, players will lead their armies into uncompromising battles with enemies. More specifically, in the original story mode, where players travel the world to defeat Shadaloo’s army while providing real-time RPG combat or auto-battle options.

Players can challenge friends and other players from around the world in real-time battles. Remember that the matches will take place completely automatically, so you only need to make the right squad change options to get the best results. If you want, you can also turn off the automatic mode and directly control the warriors to use skills effectively in each specific situation.

Unlock iconic heroes

With over 40 characters to choose from, each with a unique fighting style and special moves. Therefore, you will quickly feel familiar with the appearance of names like Ryu, Chun-Li, Cammy, Guile, and more. At the same time, players can tailor their warriors to their playing style. Character customization options and upgrade systems add depth to the game. Not only that, but you can also unlock new skins for your characters to help them become more prominent in battles.

Power up warriors

Each warrior in your squad has diverse combat skills. Thereby, they need to own the right equipment to increase their strength in the matches. Street Fighter: Duel allows players to collect and upgrade countless accessories, armor, and more. The sequence of moves of each character will significantly affect their strength and fighting style. Therefore, you need to learn the information of each hero thoroughly to suggest the most appropriate development direction.

Real-time strategy making

Although it is an RPG game, the tactical element plays an extremely important role in Street Fighter: Duel. Indeed, players need to come up with new strategies regularly in order to beat other players around the world. They are all experienced players and have a lineup of strong characters. Remember that the heroes in the game are really diverse and they can counter each other in battles. You need to gather a full set of heroes with different skills and come up with the most effective battle strategies.

Many events take place

The game also offers daily and weekly events with exclusive rewards and leaderboard competitions. This is a brand-new mobile combat RPG experience for fans of the series and new players alike. Accordingly, it emphasizes the element of interaction between players through an internet connection.

Therefore, this game cannot be without the appearance of daily and weekly events. From there, it gives a sense of community and makes players a chance to compete for exclusive rewards. And you can also join a clan to get unique benefits and a private chat server. The clan system is a great way for players to join forces and play together. Don’t forget to log in daily to get valuable rewards.

Graphics bring classic experience

The graphic quality of Street Fighter: Duel has changed significantly compared to Street Fighter but still retains the necessary charm. Accordingly, players will enjoy authentic combat experiences from powerful warriors and diverse combat environments to eye-catching skill effects. Also, it has realistic sound effects that promise to give you moments of a memorable experience.

How to install Street Fighter: Duel

Step 1: Download the original Street Fighter: Duel APK version from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Click Install.

Step 3: The icon of the game will appear on the main screen after the installation is complete.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to touch the icon “Street Fighter: Duel by MODDED-1.COM” to start the experience right away.

FAQs about Street Fighter: Duel

1: Does Street Fighter: Duel require an internet connection to play?

Of course yes, you need to be connected to the internet to join the battles with other players around the world.

2: How to own the strongest squad in the game?

You need to complete daily missions and win all the battles you participate in to have a chance to unlock the most powerful heroes. At the same time, use the money earned to upgrade the strength of the heroes.

3: How many characters appear in the game?

As of now, you can meet and approach more than 40 iconic characters while playing this game.

4: When will the MOD version of Street Fighter: Duel release?

Basically, Street Fighter: Duel is a completely new game so you need to wait a little longer to experience its MOD version at our website.

Download Street Fighter: Duel APK for Android

In short, Street Fighter: Duel is a must-play for Street Fighter fans and those who like RPG games combined with fighting elements. The game offers a wealth of content, including a large roster of iconic characters, an original story mode, real-time RPG battles, and more. Are you ready to lead a team of the best boxers in this game?


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