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Welcome to Tales of Luminaria, the super exciting new MMORPG from the publisher BANDAI NAMCO. Choose your favorite character and go on magical adventures in the mysterious ancient world. Fight, level up, unlock new content and explore the storyline, are you ready?

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Introduce about Tales of Luminaria

Tales of Luminaria – New super epic role-playing game

After the success of many projects, especially the Sword Art Online game series, the publisher BANDAI NAMCO continues to have many exciting activities in the field of mobile games. Recently, on November 3, 2021, they launched a new project called Tales of Luminaria, the game developed by Colopl. This game is now available on all mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. So, if you are a fan of the role-playing game genre, you definitely cannot miss this great experience.

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Talking about Tales of Luminaria, we found that there are many similarities between it and its predecessors. This game is still based on an anime movie, set in a fantasy magical world combined with an idle action style. Besides, we appreciate the game’s investment in graphics when it owns a high-end 3D platform. The effects, images, backgrounds, transitions, are all very impressive, creating a vivid and smooth experience. So, this new game from BANDAI NAMCO will probably make you excited.

Role-playing and adventure

By joining Tales of Luminaria, players will have the opportunity to explore a prosperous kingdom where magical power is highly valued. Here they will become one of the most powerful heroes and join the fight against monsters. There are more than 21 main characters, both male and female, possessing different looks and skills. So it’s not too difficult to choose your favorite character to start an unprecedented adventure.

In the role of a hero, players will take turns overcoming increasingly complex challenges. A variety of enemies from small monsters to giant monsters and even Bosses are always ready for fiery battles. Besides, players will not fight alone, but always have someone to accompany them. Many other important characters also appear to contribute to your story in Tales of Luminaria.

Idle combat mechanics

If you are a first-time player of Tales of Luminaria or other similar MMORPGs, you can also easily approach the gameplay of the game. Because it’s really simple to play with idle combat mechanics. Players just need to touch the screen to control their character and enjoy the performances. Simply use skills at the right time to let the character launch attacks without having to think much. In addition, the game also has an auto control mode. It allows gamers to watch matches unfold without having to do anything.

download tales of luminaria apk

But in contrast to the simple control mechanism, the combat effects are very neat and eye-catching. They are presented with vivid colors and sounds, helping to successfully recreate the action sequences from the original movie. This is the most attractive point of Tales of Luminaria when it makes players feel like they are watching a movie. But it’s even better because you can be a part of that movie.

Characters full of charm and depth

The second most impressive thing about Tales of Luminaria is about the characters in the game. They possess the perfect anime design style with a beautiful, charming, and heroic appearance. From male characters to female characters, they all show their own beauty, contributing to expressing each person’s personality and magical power. Thereby, they create diversity in the game world, revealing many interesting story details between the characters.

Besides looks, we appreciate the investment in the plot of each character. Each person has a story of their own, revealing their fate, character, and origin. Through it, the game has successfully portrayed the character image from the original anime film. At the same time, it also shows the unique beauties from the cast of characters, not only in appearance but also in soul.

Super cool 3D graphics

Tales of Luminaria

It must be said that the graphic aspect is the strong point of the games from BANDAI NAMCO. But that’s even better in the new game Tales of Luminaria. Everything is perfect with the high-quality 3D graphics, the anime visuals are impressive and the effects are incredibly lifelike. Besides, the game context is beautiful with majestic natural scenery built in the fantasy magic world. And the sound is great with soothing melodies but also vibrant and full of excitement.

How to install Tales of Luminaria

Step 1: Download the version Tales of Luminaria (Original APK) at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Go to “settings” on the device and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the Tales of Luminaria_modded-1.com.apk file. Tap install.

Step 4: Installation is complete, just turn on the game and play now.

Download Tales of Luminaria APK for Android

Tales of Luminaria will be the next RPG from BANDAI NAMCO that we think will make a big splash. This game has everything the best part of role-playing, adventure, and action game. Not only are the gameplay, the content and plot of the game are also very complete. In addition, graphics and sound are also two outstanding factors that make the success of the game. Therefore, it promises to bring the great experience that every gamer is looking forward to.

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