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Becoming the most powerful warrior in MIR4 will help you learn a lot of things. This is an RPG game that possesses diverse combat effects, along with top-notch graphics quality that will definitely not let you down. In this article, we will help you better understand what it has to offer.

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Introduce about MIR4

MIR4 – MMORPG game with high-quality graphics platform

Up to the present time, MIR4 is the fourth version of the game series of the same genre developed by Wemade Co., Ltd. This game continues the context as well as the story from the previous parts. Players will continue the journey to discover the mystery of the Hidden Valley Capture land. In fact, players will transform into skilled warriors to carry out a fascinating adventure.


Here, you need to complete all the assigned tasks to make your character stronger. Conversely, you can also choose the path freely by moving around and exploring all areas on the map. Try downloading the game through the App Store or Google Play to enjoy the exciting features it brings.

The gameplay has not changed much

If you have ever enjoyed any game of the RPG genre on the market, you will certainly recognize the similarity with MIR4. This game allows the player to make his own adventure by controlling the main character to explore everything available on the map. From there, you can also receive quests from NPCs to collect more gold coins, equipment, and other valuable items.

Most of the gameplay of this game revolves around familiar activities such as destroying monsters, fighting Boss, or exchanging with NPCs during the experience. But that does not mean that MIR4 is less attractive, the continuous activities taking place in the game will make you go from surprise to surprise when experiencing.

Character selection and development

Before starting the experience, players will choose one of four available character classes to accompany this fascinating adventure. Character classes in the game include Assassin, Witch, Warrior, and Taoist. Basically, each character class will have its own unique power, when reaching enough levels, their stats will increase. Besides, the skills of each character are not the same, so you can rely on this to choose the right character.

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When reaching a certain level, the player will proceed to choose the direction of development for his character. There are four main growth paths that players can choose from in MIR4. Includes Hunting, Gathering, Mining, and Meditating. Thanks to that, players can freely choose according to their own style to always feel excited when experiencing.

Many challenges to discover

In addition to the diverse mission system, MIR4 also provides players with a unique copy system with many challenges. Here, you will be given the choice to join a single or team duplication to find valuable rewards. Of course, to win the copies is not easy at all, your character needs to meet enough strength and experience. In addition, you can also increase your win rate in clones by participating in battles with your friends or other players.

Collect Draco Coins

MIR4 not only offers attractive gameplay along with a diverse mission system, but this game also provides players with electronic coins from Draco. This is a cryptocurrency using blockchain technology that allows players to freely store, exchange or buy at any time. It is not only valid inside the game, you can also exchange this virtual currency for cash at any time. This is one of the factors that make this game stand out from the traditional RPG products on the game market.

Beautiful graphic

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Up to now, MIR4 is one of the few games equipped with Unreal Engine 4 graphics format on mobile platforms. Thanks to that, the details in the game possess high sharpness, along with diverse effects that will surely bring players unforgettable experiences. From the character creation to the context, all are carefully designed with high detail, making a strong impression right from the first experience. On the contrary, you also need a device with a powerful enough configuration to get the most stable experience when playing games.

How to install MIR4

Step 1: Download the version (APK or MOD) of MIR4 from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources to allow the game access on mobile devices.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the “MIR4” icon will appear. Log in to the game and enjoy now.

For any questions regarding the installation process, please contact Modded-1.com by commenting below the article. We will respond as soon as possible.

Download MIR4 APK for Android

If you are a lover of RPG games, then MIR4 will definitely be a choice not to be missed. This game gives players thrilling battle screens along with top-notch graphics quality that promises to bring an engaging and interesting experience. If you want, you can try to download the game through the APK link below this article to play the game in your own way.

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