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Update OnMarch 17, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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    • MENU MOD

    • Auto Merge

    • Fairy Auto Add

Note: Complete the tutorial befo

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DragonSky MOD APK is an RPG game with a dragon theme, one of the most loved themes of all time. You will merge dragons of the same type to form new stronger dragons and conquer the idle battles in the sky.

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Introduce about DragonSky

DragonSky – RPG game that combines merge puzzle mechanics

DragonSky is a game from the publisher Com2uS and is a role-playing game exclusively for the Android platform. This game builds on the classic idle shooter mechanics but combines a dragon theme with a simple puzzle element. It will impress you with super beautiful dragon images with unique looks and creative skills. They are the main characters for exciting battles between online multiplayer. This game is integrated with leaderboards, promising to create an interesting race for all gamers. So, if you are a fan of dragon games, this game is definitely not to be missed. Super epic shooting battles and the most unique collection of dragons are waiting for you to discover now.

Merge dragons to create a powerful army

Join DragonSky, players will become dragon managers. Their mission is to combine different dragon species to create new dragon species. They will be real warriors for you to conquer every monster that appears in the sky to win. This game does not have a clear level system, as it is an endless adventure experience. Players will continuously move forward with their dragon army, growing, leveling, and discovering more and more. So their experience will not be interrupted to change the game screen like in normal games. It helps gamers enjoy smooth and seamless development.

However, players can clearly see their progress at each level. Initially, they will join the dragon war with only a few low-level dragons. But then, by merging dragons of the same level, the player will create a higher-level dragon. Just like that, many new dragon species will appear and enrich your dragon army. There are hundreds of species of dragons to discover throughout the gamer’s experience. Each time they level up, they can discover a new stronger species, which is the attraction that makes gamers unable to stop.

Dragon with diverse appearance and impressive skills

The biggest plus point of DragonSky is in the collection of dragons. It integrates a lot of dragon types from common dragons to rare dragons, epic dragons, legendary dragons, and many more. Besides possessing a unique appearance, each dragon also has its own skills. Some of them can shoot flamethrowers, others can fire 3 bullets, others can shoot a giant straight beam of light. The higher the level of a dragon, the more unique and powerful its skills are. But they will have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, some species will specialize in large-scale attacks while others will specialize in single-target attacks.

So, in a squad, you don’t necessarily have to merge to create the strongest one. Players can combine dragon species of different levels to form a unique dragon legion. The dragon with the highest level will take the lead while the rest of the dragons will fly in the back to assist. Each dragon will create different damage and contribute to your victory. To merge more dragons of higher levels, you need to summon the smaller dragons from the egg. But the number of eggs will not be free, requiring gamers to consider the appropriate call time.

The challenge is getting harder and harder

DragonSky is an upgrade genre, which means that players will have to continuously improve over time. The player’s opponents will be more and more powerful, from small monsters to giant Bosses. Some monsters may just fly while others may attack your dragons back. And especially, Boss is a big challenge for every gamer, even experienced players. So gamers need to play strategically and hard to increase their score. Scores will help them climb to the top of the League leaderboard and compete with many other gamers around the globe.

Beautiful images, eye-catching combat effects

Dragons are built in a variety of styles, inspired by a variety of elements such as water, fire, earth, magic, and more. Besides, they are described quite meticulously to display sharp and vivid on the screen. The dragon’s movements and skills are also quite smooth, combined with impressive shooting effects. All make the RPG shooting parties can not be more attractive on mobile.

How to install DragonSky

Step 1: Search for the keyword “DragonSky” on Modded-1.com or click the link at the end of this article to download DragonSky MOD APK.

Step 2: Select Install to start the process of installing the game file.

Step 3: Wait until the installation is complete, you can open the game and start fighting right away.

Download DragonSky MOD APK for Android

DragonSky is a great choice for gamers who like dragons. It has a whole collection of legendary dragons with many different unique power styles. So the longer you play, the more new dragons you will discover. Just touch the screen to merge and create dragons, and move dragons logically to attack monsters and win. The most spectacular battles are on your phone, start them now.

Features MOD:re using the “MOD MENU” features.


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