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Garage51 Entertainment
Update OnMarch 13, 2023
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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  • God Mode
  • No Attack CD
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Demon Blade MOD APK is a role-playing game where players will become samurai with a mission to destroy demons. You will have to act immediately to defeat the most ferocious demons in Japanese history. Thereby, saving the world is your mission in this game. First, let’s learn a few things about this interesting game.

Note: Some samurai-inspired games like Samurai II: Vengeance or Ronin: The Last Samurai.

Introduce about Demon Blade

Demon Blade – Learn Japanese history, and the mission to destroy demons

Demon Blade still offers familiar action gameplay set in feudal Japan. Here, you will become a samurai guy with the task of defeating all the demons that are threatening the world. What’s more, the available PvP mechanism allows players to compete against other opponents around the world in real-time.

Accordingly, this game is from Garage51 Entertainment – an emerging publisher in the game market. But the special features of Demon Blade have helped it quickly receive more than 4.7/5 ratings and 1 million installs on Google Play. Of course, you can also download the game through the App Store or Google Play below this article.

Fascinating storyline

The story of this game starts from the war of the demon slayer designed in Japanese style. More specifically, the moon god has disappeared, followed by a series of returning demons, led by Yoka and Onis. This is the darkest period of feudal Japan when the gods no longer supported the people.

Therefore, this is also the time when you need to stand up and cooperate with family members to prevent the destruction of the demons. In general, the legendary stories of the supposed flourishing period of samurai heroes will be told soon after. We believe that it will bring you attraction right from the first experience.

Great battles

As mentioned, players will become real samurai when playing Demon Blade. Your task is quite easy to understand, it is to destroy all the monsters in each level to win. Gradually, more difficult levels will be unlocked that require the player to constantly upgrade weapons and equipment for the main character. Remember that the battles in the game will take place continuously until you conquer all available levels. Besides, the story in the game will also develop gradually to give players certain seamlessness.

Combat Mechanism

Demon Blade’s combat mechanism is quite similar to other products like Infinity Blade or Fruit Ninja when this game does not have any virtual control buttons appearing on the screen. The player’s task is simply to stay in place and focus on executing the attack on the vertical screen. More specifically, you can perform different types of attacks by sliding your finger across the screen, and if you click on the screen to block attacks from the opponent.

Besides, you can click on the screen at the right time that the enemy attacks to perform the opposite attack. Keep in mind that there are three different attack/block levels that appear in this game. Those are Late, Good, and Perfect. Therefore, use attack or defense skills accordingly if you want to gain an advantage over the enemy. If you attack or defend at a late level too much, you will be easily defeated by the opponent.

Possess powerful equipment

Equipment sets are an important factor to help players win in Demon Blade. If you feel weak in battles, upgrade your equipment immediately to increase your character’s defense and attack. Each character in the game can equip 5 items of equipment at the same time. Examples include hats, armor, gloves, weapons, and shoes. Do you want your character to have indestructible armor or a sharp katana sword?

Two main game modes

Currently, Demon Blade is developing two PvP and PvE game modes that allow players to freely choose. PvE mode will stick to the storyline, thereby bringing attractive campaigns that allow players to face powerful Big Bosses. In contrast, PvP brings more events, players will be able to play the game with other players through an internet connection. In general, each game mode will have its own unique characteristics and different operating mechanisms.

Stunning graphics

Finally, the graphical highlight of Demon Blade will definitely make you feel extremely satisfied. The images in the game are described as watercolor paintings, imbued with folk legends from Japan. Moreover, the drawings in the game also show flexibility but are equally vivid in the exciting battles. If you are a lover of Japanese culture, do not miss what this game has to offer.

How to install Demon Blade

Step 1: You need to download Demon Blade (APK or MOD) version developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “Demon Blade” to access the installer.

Step 3: Install the Demon Blade_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

New update in Demon Blade

Version 2.360


  • Bug with some demons and passives in the Dojo
  • Bug with Awakening in Cursed Rift
  • Bug when dying in the Cursed Rift

Download Demon Blade MOD APK for Android

In short, Demon Blade is an excellent action RPG with special features. Joining the game, players will enjoy a detailed, realistic combat environment, along with a perfect battle system for mobile devices. In addition, the quality of graphics and sound in this game is also great, which will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen when playing the game.


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David Hodges
David Hodges

Is there a way to cheat the number of certain items you have?

Elena Di Troia
Elena Di Troia

The app is failing to start. I’m using nox emulator, I have to set up something to make it work?

Elena Di Troia
Elena Di Troia
Reply to  MODDED-1.COM

Thanks it worked! When a new version come I just need to overwrite the install? without losing my progress?

Elena Di Troia
Elena Di Troia

Latest version doesn’t work. It’s recognized as 2.051 and when I open the game it tells “the game needs to be updated” and exit