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KingsGroup International AG
Update OnMarch 14, 2023
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Call of Antia APK is a well-rounded RPG game with classic match-3 puzzle elements. Get ready to engage in unique strategic battles with legendary warriors and wizards. You can master a new land where magic and ancient mysteries dwell.

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Introduce about Call of Antia

Call of Antia – Gather Heroes and Puzzles to Fight

download call of antia apk

Call of Antia is a new game from publisher KingsGroup International AG, now available on all mobile platforms. Although just released not too long ago, this game has attracted more than 500,000 installs on Google Play and many positive comments from fans. It is highly appreciated for its well-rounded RPG gameplay content, diverse character system, and classic match-3 puzzle mechanics. It brings the best of everything in one experience and promises great relaxation. So, if you are a lover of the RPG genre as well as the traditional puzzle mechanics, this is definitely the choice for you at this time. Don’t miss it.

Gather the most unique and powerful heroes

Coming to Call of Antia, players will have the opportunity to explore the ancient mystical world of magic. Here they will find unique sources of power from warriors, mages, dragons, and more. They are tasked with conquering mysterious lands and cultivating a desire to rule the ancient world. To do that, gamers need to gather heroes into their squad and exploit their potential power. Lots of heroes to choose from and create your squad.

RPG battles in the game will take place in the form of puzzle levels. First, the player needs to choose the characters in his collection. Then, if you’re ready, just click battle to enter the battle. Here, players have to conquer a lot of enemies from ugly monsters to goblins, assassins, and even powerful dark knights and wizards. Make them give up their ambitions with your clever moves on the puzzle board. At the same time, you need to make a reasonable choice to take advantage of the character’s skills.

Match-3 puzzles and enjoy unique skill effects

You’re probably no stranger to the traditional match-3 puzzle style, right? But Call of Antia is a turn-based war and you need to do well on your turn. By matching at least 3 of the same items, the player will invoke an attack to attack the enemy. Each combo is an attack and energy will be accumulated to summon the character’s movement. When energy is full, the player can click on each character card to deploy skills.

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Each character will have different skills and you will feel them during the fight. The warriors will show their strength through powerful attacks with swords, knives, sticks. Meanwhile, the magicians will possess magical power with impressive color effects. And archers will attack enemies with bows and arrows. All are very vivid with color effects, lighting, and even short videos. Thanks to that, the character’s skills are always appreciated and are the most attractive point of Call of Antia.

Unlock, upgrade and get event rewards

Your enemies will get stronger as you level up. So, to fight them, players need to upgrade their squad. Each character can be upgraded up to 5 stars and reach perfect skill power. But to get that, the player has to pay with gold coins. Besides, think about diversifying your squad by unlocking new characters. New characters bring new stories, new content, and a host of ideas to transform your squad.

Also, don’t miss the unique daily and weekly events to participate and get unique rewards. Those events can be online tournaments and often come with valuable loot including character cards, gold coins, items, equipment.

2D graphics but vivid and colorful

download call of antia mod

Call of Antia brings a fairly simple game context on a 2D background. However, everything is realistic thanks to the careful investment in images, motion, and effects. The cast of characters in the game is really diverse with unique appearance and skill effects. In addition, they also possess well-rounded voice acting and lines, creating images with depth. In addition, the sound in the game is also very lively with thrilling background music and sounds in each touch on the screen.

How to install Call of Antia

Step 1: Download Call of Antia APK at modded-1.com by clicking the “Download” link at the end of this article.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and install it on your phone.

Step 3: Installation is complete, the game icon will display right on the phone screen interface.

Step 4: Click the Call of Antia icon to open it and play now.

Download Call of Antia APK for Android

Call of Antia is a 2D game with well-rounded RPG gameplay and an addictive puzzle style. Unlike other puzzle games, it is carefully invested in all aspects, from the character system, skills, dialogue, context. Therefore, it promises to bring a simple but complete role-playing experience. Perfect, you can’t take your eyes off it. So, download the game now and enjoy the battles your way.


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