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Supersonic Studios LTD
Update OnJune 10, 2022
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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911 Emergency Dispatcher

Become a dispatcher in 911 Emergency Dispatcher MOD APK to deal with city emergencies. Your task is to receive requests from people and try to solve their requests in many different directions. Ingenuity and problem-solving ability is the most important factor to help you win the game.

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Introduce about 911 Emergency Dispatcher

911 Emergency Dispatcher – RPG game with the task of solving emergency situations

You may not know that 911 is a hotline that calls directly to the switchboard specializing in accidents that people cannot solve themselves, such as house fires, traffic accidents, poisoning, and more. Just call 911, they will review and call staff to promptly help and avoid the worst possible situation. That is also the inspiration for the publisher Supersonic Studios LTD to create their product called 911 Emergency Dispatcher.

In the game, you will take on the role of the operator of this switchboard and have the task of handling and helping calls from people in the city. It can be seen that the gameplay of this game is quite interesting. It is completely different from other traditional simulation games that promise to bring players moments of the unforgettable experience. Download this game through Google Play or App Store to enjoy it now.

Unique gameplay

After logging into the game, you will be able to watch a brief but extremely detailed video tutorial to better understand your noble mission. The first thing you need to do is choose the units from the units that the game provides such as ambulances, police, and fire trucks. Then you can also choose the city you want to work in and arrange the units until you feel satisfied. Finally, you just hit the start button and do your first job right after.

It may seem peaceful at first, but after a while, things will get messy if you don’t arrange everything right. At this time, remember that “saving the dying is more important than saving the healthy”. If you see an urgent case, send a unit to handle it first. Because if you hesitate, any case will disappear and you will lose immediately.

Handling emergency situations

Your task as 911 Emergency Dispatcher is not simply to receive calls. But also to quickly, immediately identify the problem and handle each situation in the best way. Sometimes, first aid instruction is enough, but in other cases, you need to immediately contact the nearest police, fire department, or medical authority to request assistance in dealing with the situation quickly and safely.

Remember that there are times when someone will call and tease you. So if you spot this situation, hang up as quickly as possible to avoid wasting your time. Do you handle all of these issues well? Please answer the above question by downloading the game and experience to give the most accurate answer. In general, the special feature of the 911 Emergency Dispatcher is that it always makes players constantly encounter emergency situations.

Experience in many cities around the world

The brightest plus point of 911 Emergency Dispatcher is that it allows players to easily choose any city in the world to do the task. In particular, the virtual cities in the game are built based on reality. So you can play the game and get familiar with the terrain of cities around the world. To do that, your device needs a secure internet connection, then the game will automatically download the map you selected.

Display quality is okay

Because 911 Emergency Dispatcher is a traditional simulation game combined with simple gameplay. There will be no action scenes between police and criminals or fire scenes, everything in the game is displayed only through icons. Icons and parameters are available on the map. This can greatly affect the quality of the player’s experience. Overall, if you are a person who is not too concerned with graphics, this game is really an extremely appropriate choice.

The sound is pretty good

Compared to the graphics side, the sound quality in 911 Emergency Dispatcher is actually much better. This game will give players familiar sounds like fire burning from the other side of the caller’s fire call, the noise coming from the fighting between gangs, and more. All these sounds will definitely make you feel extremely excited from the first time you enjoy the game.

How to install 911 Emergency Dispatcher

Step 1: Click the download link in this article to download the APK or MOD version of 911 Emergency Dispatcher at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open the downloaded file and select Install.

Step 3: Wait for a moment for the installation process to complete, then you can open the game and play right on your mobile phone.

Download 911 Emergency Dispatcher MOD APK for Android

911 Emergency Dispatcher is really a game with extremely unique gameplay that you should try right away. In the game, you will be in charge of many jobs and tasks to rescue all innocent people in the whole city to win. Are you ready to do that? Quickly download the game via the APK link below this article to immediately start your noble work.

Features MOD:

  • Free Rewards


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