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Electronics Extreme
Update OnJuly 1, 2022
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Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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LUNA M: Sword Master APK is an MMORPG with exciting and challenging gameplay along with stunning graphics quality. Here, you will be free to explore the large open world through many different environments. Refer to this article so we can explain to you more about this game.

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Introduce about LUNA M: Sword Master

LUNA M: Sword Master – MMORPG with impressive features

MMORPGs are always among the favorite game genres on the market. Most of the games of this genre bring a great sense of experience to players, helping them get great entertainment moments right on their devices. Nowadays, there are quite a few games with traditional MMORPG style. So it is easy for you to choose a game that is right for you.

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LUNA M: Sword Master is one of them. The game is developed by the publisher Electronics Extreme Limited. Basically, players will become heroes possessing outstanding powers to discover and complete missions. Constantly control your character to move forward, destroy the evil enemies to protect the peace. This game is currently available on both Android and IOS operating systems, allowing players to install and experience easily.

Write your own journey

After completing the first instructions coming from the game, you will be on your journey in no time. Of course, during the experience, there will be a lot of instructions to help players access the operation of LUNA M: Sword Master. Pay close attention to the instruction system. It will help you accumulate valuable experience before participating in the fierce battles ahead.

The game offers a variety of character classes with extremely rich skills. They will help players easily choose to accompany them throughout the game experience. Please choose the characters that suit your interests and personality. They will help you feel interesting during the game experience.

Players will have to control their character to perform tasks, each mission will be a separate challenge and the difficulty will be increased gradually over time. It will make players always have to focus during the game, if not careful you will lose quickly.

You can compete with other players in LUNA M: Sword Master, which will bring extremely classic battles. With a diverse skill system, you can perform a series of reasonable moves to defeat your opponent in an instant. Let’s fight hard in these competitions, it will bring a lot of interesting things to players.

Pay attention to the monsters

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Monsters will appear all over the map, they will be good prey for you to increase the amount of experience for your character. Kill a lot of monsters for a chance to get rare equipment in the game. But pay attention to the Bosses, they are responsible for destroying all opponents who intend to come close to them. You have to be very vigilant when fighting the Boss, it can make you lose from the first seconds. Invite more teammates to help you defeat the Boss, this will bring great interaction in the game.

Upgrade your character’s power

As mentioned, the difficulty of the levels in the game will gradually increase over time. This means that your character must constantly be upgraded if you do not want to lose easily. Every time you level up, the character’s parameters will increase, which can unlock new skills. Therefore, players should take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade or unlock new skills to serve the battle process. Besides, the use of appropriate equipment is also an important factor to increase the strength of the main character.

Pet system

LUNA M: Sword Master

In addition, LUNA M: Sword Master MOD also offers an extremely rich pet system. They will become effective assistants for players in battles while increasing the character’s stats and strength. With many rich looks and different abilities, hopefully, these pets will make you feel interesting every time you experience the game. Choose for yourself the right pets to increase the odds of winning in battles.

Nice graphic style

Like other MMORPG games, LUNA M: Sword Master is carefully crafted in terms of graphics. The game owns a familiar 3D format, it will ensure the display quality of the game is quite high. Along with that, the details are described very vividly and the transition effects are smooth. So, it will definitely bring the very eye-catching skill development phase right on the screen of your device.

How to install LUNA M: Sword Master

Step 1: Download the LUNA M: Sword Master (APK or MOD) version released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings. Allow the game “LUNA M: Sword Master” to access settings on mobile.

Step 3: Open the file LUNA M: Sword Master_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select settings.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

LUNA M: Sword Master APK for Android

Although there are quite a few competitive games on the market, I believe with what brings LUNA M: Sword Master it is fully capable to get a stable foothold. The game is being improved through recent updates, which will bring new things and attract players. So, if you are looking for a traditional role-playing game, LUNA M: Sword Master will be an extremely reasonable choice for you.

Features MOD:

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