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Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle APK is inspired by classic sudoku-style wooden block puzzles. Here, players will challenge their minds through simple to complex block puzzle challenges. Lots of block shapes are waiting for you to assemble in this signature puzzle game, don’t miss it.

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Introduce about Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle

Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle – Classic style wooden block game

In fact, sudoku puzzles are generally well-regarded and considered by many to be a popular and enjoyable activity. Therefore, the sudoku style is applied in a lot of different games, especially games of the puzzle genre. Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle is a good example. This is a puzzle game inspired by wooden block puzzles from the publisher SUPERBOX.Inc.

Accordingly, players will be challenged and engaged with their minds, as well as the ability to improve problem-solving skills in the available puzzle levels. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages and can be played at a variety of difficulty levels. As a result, more players can access this game. You can try to download Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle through Google Play or the APK link below this article to play it right away.

How to play is not too complicated

Compared to other games of the same genre, Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle has a way of operating that is not too complicated. Basically, the content of this game involves filling in a grid of numbers. Each row, column, and the area contains all the specified blocks. Also, the grid in each level is usually a 9×9 grid, but variations with smaller or larger grids are also available.

Furthermore, you cannot rotate the position of the blocks at any level. This inadvertently causes some blocks of wood that don’t really fit in the correct position in the grid. Don’t worry, this game allows players to freely save blocks of inappropriate shape. After a period of time, you can get new blocks with new shapes to continue the pairing process.

Use logical thinking when playing

Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle requires the player to use logic to determine the exact position of the numbers in the grid at each level. You can start by looking for rows, columns, or blocks that are missing only a few numbers and try to fill in those numbers based on the limits of the puzzle.

If you want, you can also use techniques like slashing to find the right placement. For example, you draw lines through rows and columns that contain a specific number to help eliminate possibilities and narrow down the options for each cell. Overall, this game has a variety of strategies and techniques that you can use to solve sudoku puzzles from simple to complex.

Hundreds of different levels

The number of levels in Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle is really diverse with increasing difficulty. No matter which game screen you receive, players need to try to fill the empty cells on each row or column if they want to win. Accordingly, any level only ends when there is no space left to place new blocks.

Of course, you can create combos by arranging them in lines or squares to increase the winning rate. In addition, this game has no time limit so you can think hard and find a way to remove the most blocks in each turn to get a high score.

Play free games anytime

As mentioned, Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle is easy to play and accessible to any player. More specifically, this game is completely free and allows players to experience it offline without an internet connection. This means you can play games when you need to relax while traveling on the train, in line, and more. Besides, this game also integrates online rankings. Here, you will do everything to complete as many levels as possible to get on the general leaderboard.

Simple and intuitive graphics

The classic graphic design of Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle will definitely make you feel impressed. The blocks along with the square-shaped table are very prominently designed to make players feel comfortable right from the first time. At the same time, the features are fully represented in the intuitive interface on the main screen. All these factors will help you feel excited during the game.

How to install Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle

Step 1: Click the “Download” link and please wait a few seconds to download the APK version of Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle.

Step 2: Install the file and keep a stable internet connection to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game, log in and enjoy its attractive gameplay.

Download Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle APK for Android

If you are looking for a challenging and fun puzzle game then Wood Block: Sudoku Puzzle might be worth a try. This game fully converges the attractive elements of a casual puzzle game. Accordingly, its gameplay is quite simple through blocks from simple to complex. Your task is to clear as many wooden blocks as possible in each level to win the final victory.


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