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Debbie Shine
Update OnDecember 26, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Rainbow DOP APK is a unique puzzle game where you will use your logical thinking to solve levels from simple to complex. In this game, your most important task is to delete objects on the screen as required by the system. Things will become much more difficult in the next levels, stay focused.

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Introduce about Rainbow DOP

Rainbow DOP – An object removal game with the appearance of Blue Monster

Rainbow DOP

Performing puzzles in Rainbow DOP will help you train your logic and puzzle thinking. All content in the game revolves around simple puzzle operations on the screen. But do not be too subjective, the publisher Debbie Shine has added a lot of different puzzles with increasing difficulty ready to make you encounter a lot of difficulties.

The results of each level will also be displayed immediately after you perform the object removal operation. This will help you see things quickly and make more effective puzzle choices if you lose. Don’t miss the arrival of Rainbow DOP by downloading this game through Google Play to discover it right away. There are many ways to approach problems in this game so you can play the game your own way.

The gameplay is simple but not easy to win

As mentioned, the gameplay of Rainbow DOP revolves around the challenges of removing objects on the screen. Accordingly, the task of each player in each level is completely different, so you must read the requirements carefully if you want to complete the challenge. You just need to touch the screen and drag your finger in the specified direction to perform the object removal operation immediately.

This means that this game has a relatively simple operation and anyone can get used to it. But believe me, you are easy to be fooled in the next levels with the requirements are not so clear. Each level in the game will stimulate your brain to work at full capacity if you want to complete the assigned challenges.

Become an erasing master

Your erasing work in Rainbow DOP is done through the icon of a soap. It will be the main tool to help players complete the mysteries in every puzzle that appears on the screen. That’s not enough, you also have to thoroughly identify every clue through the details displayed. Because just a few basic mistakes in the erasing process are enough to make you lose immediately. Take advantage of the uses of soap to overcome hundreds of different puzzles in this game now.

Carefully read the requirements on each game screen

Each level in Rainbow DOP will have different requirements, so you need to carefully read the requirements before the puzzle process. The requirements will also become much more difficult in the next levels so you need to read carefully. Most of these requirements are very simple but contain a lot of deep content that you need to deal with.

Typically at level 2, your task is to save the main character from the pursuit of Blue Monster. But in level 28, you will have to help Blue Monster find the innocent guy by erasing the styrofoam box on the screen. It is these somewhat different requirements that will contribute to making Blue Monster attractive to players throughout the experience.

Get help

Don’t worry if you can’t pass some specific levels in this game. Because the available hint system will help you solve difficult situations immediately. You can ask for suggestions by tapping the help icon on the screen. Of course, you should use help in unexpected cases, because hints in the game have a very limited number of uses. Besides, new levels in Rainbow DOP are also constantly updated to bring players more interesting experiences.

Clear and colorful graphics

Rainbow DOP’s graphical development also makes us feel very impressed with what it brings. Accordingly, you will see the image of Blue Monster along with other details described very harmoniously on the screen. Although each scene contains very little detail, it is enough for players to feel the excitement of the experience. Moreover, the lively background music along with the emitted noises will make you feel a certain drama when playing the game.

How to install Rainbow DOP

Step 1: Click the “Download” link and please wait a few seconds to download the APK version of Rainbow DOP.

Step 2: Install the file and keep a stable internet connection to complete the installation.

Step 3: Open the game, log in and enjoy the attractive gameplay of the game.

Download Rainbow DOP APK for Android

Experiencing the fascinating puzzle moments that Rainbow DOP brings will definitely make you feel extremely excited. This game will be a good choice if you are looking for a game that can help you make the most of your free time effectively. All the content, although simply revolving around the screen erasing objects, will definitely make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

Features MOD:

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