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X.D. Network
Update OnDecember 7, 2021
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Moncage APK is a fun puzzle game where you explore secret worlds through a cube. Stories will be told and beautiful scenes will be present on the screen and in your mind. Don’t miss them.

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Introduce about Moncage

Moncage – Creative and colorful puzzle game

If you are a fan of puzzle games, Moncage will be the best choice. This game comes from publisher X.D. Network and was first released in 2020 on many platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Mac OS. And now, it is officially available on the Android platform and is available to download from Google Play. However, the game will cost about 5$ per download. But you can get it for free when you download the APK or MOD version of the game at MODDED-1.


Moncage impresses gamers with its innovative puzzle gameplay, different from the traditional match-3 puzzle style. It brings valuable stories and tells them in its own way, thereby making gamers remember forever. Besides, this game also leaves a deep impression with gentle, melodious background music and simple but sophisticated graphic style. So it’s really enticing to play and experience for a long time.

Explore the unique world in your own way

Coming to Moncage, players can be surprised with the really novel storytelling. The stories are revealed through the movements in the mysterious cube. Each face of this cube is a unique world, it could be an old factory, church, amusement park, etc. By matching lines, the player can complete a picture and make it move. But every touch and turn can unleash amazing movements that you can’t foresee.

This gameplay of the game really made us mesmerized. It’s like creating magic to open up worlds of your own in subtle connection. Do you think the scenes you see have nothing to do with each other? No, every scene on a cube face contains the answers to invisible puzzles. If you find them, you can unlock new stories and it will surprise you.

Endless world at your fingertips

The player’s task is to connect the lines to form the perfect picture. Then just shut up and enjoy the magic happening. Rotate the cube on the screen until you find the right piece for the still picture. As soon as the player finds the correct solution, a light will shine to show the successful puzzle. At that time, they can see the movement from the scene, it can be a crane, a truck, a water discharger. They will do their daily tasks such as picking up items, transporting goods into a factory or flushing a tank…

So, do you realize a wonderful world is opening up before your eyes? But that’s not all. Players can open up many other worlds with new ways of connecting. It is not something that is far away, but familiar everyday scenes that remind us of good memories. Besides, the player can find pictures somewhere in the scenes on the face of the cube. They are the remaining evidence for the best moments.

Simple but challenging achievement system

Moncage brings a total of 15 achievements in the game corresponding to 15 successful puzzles of gamers. It sounds simple but only creative masters are capable of achieving all of them. You can try to conquer them now, but don’t be angry because you can’t reach the final achievement. This game is for a relaxing experience, if you can’t conquer it completely, it’s not your fault.

Graphics and sound

When it comes to graphics, we quite like Moncage’s visual style. It creates images that are simple, light but delicate. The movements in the game are also very smooth, creating a feeling of relaxation every time you watch. In addition, the game context is really diverse and rich. It has a lot of beautiful scenes displayed through the faces of the cube. Each side is a scene and a story, it’s really engaging. And the sound is the best part with the melodious and gentle melody, making you always feel relaxed when playing.

Besides, the gameplay is quite accessible. Simply tap the screen, rotate the cube in the direction you want, and see what happens.

How to install Moncage

To download Moncage (APK or MOD) for free at MODDED-1, please follow these instructions:

Step 1: Download the version Moncage APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Allow the downloaded file to be installed on your device. Do that by going to “settings”, go to “advanced” and select “unknown source”.

Step 3: Open the file you downloaded (Moncage_modded-1.com.apk) and install it by clicking “install”.

Step 4: Launch the game as soon as it is finished installing, then you can play it right away.

Download Moncage APK for Android

Moncage’s puzzles will keep you curious and excited. It stimulates your creativity and imagination and opens up valuable stories subtly. You can see beautiful scenes and smooth movements in the mysterious cube. But that’s not the magic, it’s the routines of everyday life. Have you missed something in life? Is it the beauty that comes from the things that are close to you?

Features MOD:

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