Jewel Secret Castle 1.6.0 APK + MOD [Boost Bossitem] Download

Penta Game
Update OnOctober 22, 2022
MOD FeaturesBoost Bossitem
Category Puzzle Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Start your journey in Jewel Secret Castle MOD APK and mine all the gold, gems, crystals in the ancient castle. You’ll match stones of the same color in classic match-3 gameplay and clear the puzzle board to earn valuable loot. Hundreds of levels to play and many unique boosters to discover, don’t miss them.

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Introduce about Jewel Secret Castle

Jewel Secret Castle – Over 3000 colorful match-3 puzzle levels

Match-3 gameplay has been around for a long time and is extremely popular in the Candy Crush game series. Even so, Jewel Secret Castle still does not make you boring thanks to significant changes. This game is a product published by Penta Game. It promises lots of fun puzzle challenges with over 3000 unique puzzle levels. The increasingly difficult challenge and the mechanism change through the levels will keep you busier. Train your puzzle skills to conquer them all, from the easiest levels to the more difficult over time.

Jewel Secret Castle

Another new feature of this game is the graphics. It has a creative classic color, completely different from the Candy Crush games. Items have also been changed in design, puzzle effects and context have also been customized. So, based on the familiar gameplay mechanics, this game brings a new look, promising to create a sense of excitement for longtime match-3 fans.

Explore the ancient castle and mine for gems

Legend propagates that there is an ancient castle deep in the forest that is ruled by a beautiful queen. It is rumored to be the richest place with thousands of treasures, riches from stones, crystals, diamonds, gold chests, and more. However, wealth and luxury did not make the queen happy, was there some mystery? To find out what happened, you’ll explore the castle through familiar puzzle levels. It is colorful puzzle boards made up of gems. Whoever conquers these puzzles will receive valuable loot from the ancient queen.

The game will start from the easiest level, where the player must match at least 3 stones of the same color to destroy them from the puzzle board. Note, please pair them vertically or horizontally, other ways of pairing will not work. The more you match, the higher the score, the bigger the reward. However, each level will be limited by a certain number of moves. If the player can’t complete the mission within that limit, they lose and have to start over.

Use boosters to speed up

Over time, the levels will become more and more difficult. The rate of dropping stones of the same color will decrease, making it difficult for gamers to match stones. In addition, the limited number of moves will be significantly reduced, especially in difficult levels. Therefore, gamers need to consider more carefully in each move, how to optimize the efficiency in each of their operations. At this point, the support items are most useful to overcome the puzzle boards. It includes:

  • Hammer: An item that helps destroy a certain area of rock in a small range.
  • Bomb: It has slightly more destructive power than a hammer.
  • Five-colored orb: This is the best tool because it has the ability to generate electrical energy that destroys most stones. To create it, gamers need to match 6 stones of the same color vertically or horizontally.

Challenges and rewards are increasingly diverse

Along with the increasingly difficult challenge, the reward for you is also increasingly valuable. Jewel Secret Castle will not disappoint you with dozens of prizes from gems, diamonds, treasure chests, and more. Gamers will need them to unlock more support items, helping to speed up the puzzle. In addition, the items and rewards in the game are important clues for you to solve the mysteries in the ancient castle. Play hard to see how many great things are hidden here.

Classic 2D graphics with vivid effects

Unlike other games of the same genre, Jewel Secret Castle possesses a mysterious classic graphic style. It is not as sweet as the candies in Candy Crush but enough to impress you with dozens of diamonds and gems. The game context is also more novel, the puzzle effects are equally vivid. And especially, the music including background music and noise in each touch is also attractive enough for gamers.

How to install Jewel Secret Castle

Step 1: Download the Jewel Secret Castle version (APK or MOD) available from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: On your phone, unlock unknown sources.

Step 3: Open the file Jewel Secret Castle_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select Install.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until the game icon appears on the screen. Then you can enjoy the game.

Download Jewel Secret Castle MOD APK for Android

If you love match-3 gameplay and want to find new inspiration, choose Jewel Secret Castle. Enter the old castle and mine age-old treasures with your puzzle art. Touch the screen, swipe, match, and conquer colorful puzzle boards. You can destroy the stones to collect prizes, use great boosters to speed up. The longer you play, the harder the challenge, the higher the prize. The items change constantly, creating increasingly unique puzzle matrices. It will challenge your skills, can you surpass yourself?

Features MOD

  • Boost Bossitem


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