Angry Birds Journey MOD APK 1.8.0 [Unlimited Lives] Download

NameAngry Birds Journey
Category Puzzle Games
Latest Version1.8.0
RequiresAndroid 7.0
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives
Package google play
Update OnSeptember 25, 2021

Welcome the return of the popular publisher Rovio Entertainment Corporation and their latest offering is Angry Birds Journey. Angry Birds series has returned with a look, new stories, and significant upgrades in graphics. Join us to explore it now.

Note: Try out previous Angry Birds games like Angry Birds 2 and Angry Birds Legends.

Introduce about Angry Birds Journey

We are probably no stranger to the legendary game series Angry Birds from publisher Rovio. This is considered one of the most popular classic game series of all time on many different platforms, including on PC and mobile. To this day, including its variations, there have been hundreds of different games exploited based on the image of familiar characters. It is a bird with an angry expression and funny blue pigs that steal bird eggs.

download angry birds journey

Recently, Rovio has released their next game with the name Angry Birds Journey. Although it retains the same gameplay and controls, players can expect a new experience than ever with unprecedented attractive features. These are new stories about the adventure of the “Angry Birds” birds and their dramatic encounters with familiar foes. In addition, with this version, the game has changed and upgraded significantly in terms of graphics. Therefore, it promises to deliver a great experience that many fans have been waiting for.


As mentioned above, Angry Birds Journey owns simple and classic gameplay like its predecessors. Players will use the slingshot and birds to shoot and destroy the blue pigs inside the walls. The pigs have stolen the bird’s eggs and hid them in secret places. So if you want to get your eggs back, first of all, destroy all thieves.

To shoot accurately, players need to pay attention to 2 things. First, it is shot distance. If you pull the birds back with a greater distance, the more powerful they will fire when they land. Second, it’s the shot angle. The angle of the shot is really important for the victory of every level. Players need to align the angle of the shot to destroy as many walls as possible and “harvest” the ill-fated pigs. However, pay attention to the number of ammo you have at each level. They will decrease by one each time the player shoots.


download angry birds journey mod apk

Players only need to swipe their hands on the screen to drag, aim, and release to shoot bullets forward. It has no change from the previous games. So, players can quickly get acquainted and master the controls of this game. Even for children, this is easy. About the interface, the game will display some information that needs attention such as the number of birds left to shoot, the number of levels, and the number of targets achieved. They are displayed in the left corner of the screen.

Extremely diverse levels

In Angry Birds Journey, players will have the opportunity to experience hundreds of different levels, from easy to difficult. In each level, there will be 3 levels of play with different challenges that require players to overcome to unlock new levels. Challenges are very diverse in each level of play. The player can come across easy-to-break wooden walls with just one bullet but sometimes, there are also hard rock walls. Furthermore, the layout of the walls is not the same on each level. Therefore, this game requires players to have a flexible strategy to overcome challenges they did not anticipate.

New characters

In this latest version of the legendary Angry Birds series, players will have the opportunity to meet the most familiar friends. Not only that, in new adventures, players will also meet new fun, friendly and funny friends. They will be important companions on your adventure from classic lands to new locations. I’m sure this will make your experience more enjoyable than ever.

Support items and rewards

The wise strategy is the most important to help players “sweep” every level of Angry Birds Journey. However, at times, you can feel stuck by extreme challenges. So, you should use the game’s support items. Those are the pieces of the puzzle to upgrade the character’s skills. Imagine the birds in the game are like “cards”. And players need to collect many of the same “cards” to make a greater “card”. With this, the character’s skills will be enhanced in terms of strength, speed, or many other aspects. Try to explore them.

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Besides, the most impressive thing about Angry Birds Journey is the competition and valuable reward system. Players can play offline their but scores are still displayed on the leaderboard. Topping the rankings are the best players globally with scores that many people desire. If you also want your name to stand out, work hard to top the charts. Along with that are extremely attractive rewards such as new characters, new skills, support items.


Angry Birds Journey owns a beautiful graphics platform with bright backgrounds, vivid colors, and very sharp images. In addition, in terms of sound, players can listen to funny and lively sound tunes throughout the experience. It not only relaxes but stimulates creativity and inspiration in all players.

How to install Angry Birds Journey

Step 1: Download the (MOD Lives) version of Angry Birds Journey from MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings for the entire app.

Step 3: Install the file Angry Birds

Step 4: Finish.

Download Angry Birds Journey MOD APK for Android

Although Angry Birds is a classic game series, its appeal has never cooled down. Therefore, the appearance of Angry Birds Journey will be a great gift for the fans. This game attracts the attention and love of the majority of the gaming community thanks to its simple yet attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, and extremely rich level system. Moreover, players can play it offline anytime, anywhere without having to be connected to the Internet. That’s great, isn’t it? Relax and have fun with funny friends now.

MOD Feature:

  • Unlimited Lives


  • Select a link to download for free. You can choose the MOD version or the original APK, it depends on your purpose.
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