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Update OnDecember 21, 2022
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DEEMO II APK is the sequel to the great music game from the publisher Rayark International Limited. This game is not just a mobile game, but it also has the perfect combination of deep music melodies and interesting mysterious fantasy stories. Come to DEEMO II to explore the sweet anime world and enjoy the perfect emotions.

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Introduce about DEEMO II

Currently, DEEMO II has not yet been set for an official release date on Google Play but it allows players to pre-register to experience it as soon as possible. If you want to learn about it, you can try playing DEEMO – the first version of the music game genre from leading publisher Rayark. After DEEMO was launched, it quickly created an intense new wave in the market.


Thanks to the unique gameplay, novel graphics, and fantasy stories never seen in any previous games such as Cytus II or COUNTER: SIDE, DEEMO has attracted the attention of millions of players around the globe and earned remarkable achievements. DEEMO II will be Rayark’s great expectation to continue the success of the first version.


DEEMO II’s story revolves around two characters, a mysterious short-haired girl and Deemo – a strange white soul in the form of a human. In the previous part, Deemo helped a girl named Alice regain her memories and return to her world. In this second part, a new story is opened. Everything happens around the center of the station in the endless rain, two characters are trying to find the fantasy kingdom in hopes of saving the world. What is the truth of this story? Discover the game yourself for more new things.


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DEEMO II’s gameplay can still be the same as in the previous section. Players will touch the notes to play a melodious song right on the phone screen. It sounds similar to Guitar Hero, right? This game is a combination of touch, slide, and music of works of art. If you’ve ever seen an anime movie and loved its background music, DEEMO II would be the place for you to create it yourself. There are 3 different levels of play from easy, medium to hard and their difference lies in speed. Please choose a suitable level for playing and enjoying music easily.


The key to playing DEEMO II is that players need to pay attention to the notes and touch them at the right time. At first, you can only see simple and short notes. However, when the song is longer, the player needs to focus more on the double notes. To play well, in addition to touching the right time when the note falls, you also need to keep your hand on the screen if you encounter long notes. With proper manipulation, players can become true pianists. When you are a professional gamer, the problem is not how to play the game. But it is the perception of music and the mixing of music with the soul.

Many touching songs

DEEMO II owns more than 300 songs of different genres from famous composers. However, music is not merely an aspect integrated into the game to make it more alive. It is also a way to convey the content and message of the author to everyone. We can recognize many valuable things in Rayark’s game life. Such as friendship, love, compassion, the connection between nature and people,…

Through soothing and deep music, the game not only evokes a sense of peace but also reflects the sweet sorrow of the characters in the story. Therefore, many people have said that DEEMO II is not only a game but also a stunning art rare in the current game market. Do you feel it?


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The characters and background in DEEMO II are designed in the familiar anime style. Moreover, the story of this game is meticulously and logically guided, even players can see this is a movie rather than a mobile game. Colors in the game seem a bit dark and blurry, but this is a contributing factor to the content of the game. At the same time, it also makes it easy for players to immerse themselves in their deep world. With the old train station, misty fog, endless rains, soothing music, the story of DEEMO II has really made an unforgettable impression in the hearts of fans.

How to install DEEMO II

Once the MOD and APK versions of our website are ready, players can download it on the device by following these steps:

Step 1: Tap the link at the end of this article to download the MOD or APK file according to your needs.

Step 2: You need to allow your device to download applications that have sources other than Google Play to be able to install the MOD or APK version of DEEMO II. This is done in the settings section in the advanced section.

Step 3: After completing the above 2 steps, you just need to click on the game’s icon to proceed with the installation as usual. It does not take more than 2p to do it.

Download DEEMO II APK for Android

By bringing a whole romantic art sky into the game, DEEMO II has breathed new breath into the gaming market. Not only in the past or the present, but the appeal of this game will also surely win the hearts of many players in the future. Later, when it comes to the genre of music games, DEEMO II will be an unforgettable name in the hearts of gamers.

MOD Features:

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