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Update OnSeptember 15, 2022
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Enter the arena and fight right away with the game Swipe Fight APK – the latest product from the publisher BoomBit Games. The fierce duel matches will take place on the ring from the city sidewalk, the gym to the hospital door, and on the beach.

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Introduce about Swipe Fight

Do you know Boxing? This is a sport originating from the West and is currently very popular in the US and other countries such as England, France. Boxing is a battle between two athletes who have the good physical strength and martial skills. During the battle, each participant will perform attacks on the opponent and each successful attack will bring a certain number of points. By the end of the match, the person with the higher score wins.

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Swipe Fight is an action game featuring the aforementioned sport. In terms of gameplay, it has been changed at some point to become a game suitable for mobile platforms. In addition, this game also owns cartoon-style graphics to reduce the inherent violence of Boxing sport. At the same time, this also brings comfort and fun for all players to experience.


Entering the game, you will immediately participate in a duel through a number of instructions integrated throughout the match. The game’s system will show you how to attack, dodge, and how to finish off your opponent. Pay attention to the two blue bars at the top of the screen, they are the amount of HP each person owns. Initially, each person has a full HP bar and it will decrease after successful attacks of the opponent. If someone had HP drop to 0 first, would have lost.

With each attack, the player will take away a certain amount of enemy health. But that is only true when the hit is successful, ie it must hit the person’s body. In addition, players also need to pay attention to attacks from opponents to avoid them. So, if you focus on attacking and forget about defense, you will quickly lose in a moment.


In Swipe Fight, players only need to swipe their hands in certain directions to attack or defend. Specifically, swipe left, right, or up to perform punches and kicks from the sides. Meanwhile, to dodge the attack from the opponent, you just need to swipe your hand down on the screen interface. Sounds simple to control, doesn’t it? What matters, however, is the way the player performs the moves at the right time. Attack blitz when the enemy loopholes and dodge in a timely manner as he hits or kicks.

Character system and context

Swipe Fight brings a diverse character system with cute looks and fun expressions. However, players can only fight with the default character in the first matches and unlock new characters when they have enough money. If you spend a lot of money to unlock it, you can have more beautiful characters with rich outfits and accessories. It could be ninja clothes, military clothing, astronaut clothing, glasses, masks, hats, …

Besides, the game will take gamers to different contexts in each game screen. From small-sized areas such as sidewalks, roads to large malls, and stadiums, where there are many spectators from all over the place beside the stands. Changing the context contributes to the game becoming more lively, thereby giving players focus and excitement throughout the experience. When you win, what makes you happier than ever, isn’t it the applause from the fans?


As noted above, Swipe Fight owns 3D graphics with a cute and fun cartoon design style. As a result, the characters in the game become close to all players, at the same time, the 2D graphics platform also helps describe the action in a vivid way. Besides, the sound element also plays an important role in creating inspiration for gamers. You can hear sounds from punches, kicks, or dodge from athletes and incredibly vibrant tunes throughout the game.

How to install Swipe Fight

To install the MOD version of Swipe Fight, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Firstly, click on the link at the end of the article to download the MOD version.

Step 2: Click “Install” to install the game. Before that, please turn on the feature that allows drawing on unknown apps in your device’s settings.

Step 3: Wait for the installation to complete and a game icon will appear on the home screen. Finally, you just need to click on it to start playing.

Download Swipe Fight APK for Android

Swipe Fight is a great choice for leisure time. Exciting boxing matches will definitely bring you a lot of fun and excitement. Practice your hands well to handle any situation promptly and you just swipe to play. So what do you hesitate without downloading it and try it now? Let’s go.

MOD feature:

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