Blend It 3D MOD APK 1.3.44 [Free Shopping, No Ads] Download

Update OnFebruary 2, 2023
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Category Casual Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Blend It 3D MOD APK is a simple game that was released on Google Play and App Store by SayGames. With a simple mechanism, this game still brings an extremely interesting experience thanks to the fun and realistic gameplay. Are you ready?

Introduce about Blend It 3D


In terms of gameplay, Blend It 3D belongs to the Casual category with a simple one-touch control mechanism, and it has no specific storyline and characters. It is a very interesting juice squeeze job. It is the juice rotating work. Players may not be too surprised by the gameplay of Blend It 3D because there are countless games of the same type that have been introduced. However, to master this game well, maybe you need a little time to learn and test.

Managing a fruit juice shop

Starting on the game, you will become the manager of a small juice shop located on the beach. Many tourists come here and they need glasses of juice from your shop to refresh themselves in the scorching summer sun. This seems to be a profitable business, don’t you think?

Each guest will have different tastes and the task of the player is to rotate the juice and create a glass of water to suit their needs. Start with a blender and some fresh fruits in your store. The player then needs to pick up the fruit and keep it in the rotating machine until the job is completed. This may sound crazy, but it presents a challenge for every gamer. Be careful with the blender because it could hurt your hands.

Simple one-touch operation

When you want to rotate a smoothie, players just need to touch the rotating machine to start it, then click on the fruit you need to start the process immediately. As can be seen, the control mechanism of Blend It 3D is quite understandable because it does not require gamers to perform too many operations on the screen interface. However, the difficulty in the levels in Blend It 3D is in the speed control. You will see this when you start playing.

In the first level, the speed of the rotating machine will not be too fast for players to gradually get used to their gameplay. However, things will completely change at the following levels. The speed is greatly increased and this will make it difficult for players to control. The process of rotating the juice will happen quite quickly, but this is only true when the player completes it smoothly. If not, your hands may be crushed by a blender. Therefore, be careful and stay focused.

Unlock new blender machines

Sometimes you get bored when you see an old blender machine every day. Therefore, shop for yourself a new machine to help the experience become new and more interesting. Of course, the new blender machine will not affect the work capacity.

After the player sells a glass of juice, the guests will pay the amount corresponding to their satisfaction. In each level, you will gain up to 3 stars and this completely depends on the customer rating. Try to do well, accumulate money and experience to unlock countless new items, expand stores and grow more of your business.

Note: Some scenes in Blend It 3D are quite bloody and this can make players feel scared. Therefore, this game may be restricted to the audience, especially children. However, if you can do well at every level so you don’t get crushed by a rotating machine, everything goes well. Is this too hard? Please consider before experiencing Blend It 3D.

Common graphics

In a simple game like Blend It 3D, we don’t want to ask too much about graphics. The images in the game are shown relatively well with cartoon style, but they are not too realistic. Besides, Blend It 3D is designed with bright colors and a vivid sound system, helping gamers feel relaxed and excited during gameplay.

Currently, Blend It 3D is available on Google Play to allow players to download mobile devices for free. However, we would suggest the APK Blend It 3D version at the link below because it can provide unlimited free features. For example, players can unlock new rotating machines in the game right from the beginning to experience it. Therefore, I think this version will be suitable for impatient players, like me.

How to install Blend It 3D

Step 1: You need to remove the Google Play version or APKs version if you have previously installed it. If using the APK version may leave without uninstalling.

Step 2: Download the Blend It 3D MOD version at the end down to this article.

Step 3: Proceed to install the APK file until the process finishes, “Blend It 3D by MODDED-1.COM” appears to complete the installation.

Step 4: Enter the game and experience your passion for juice juices.

Download Blend It 3D MOD APK for Android

With its gameplay and simple control mechanism, Blend It 3D does not have too many outstanding features to evaluate. However, players can be addicted to this game because its gameplay is quite attractive with countless levels of high difficulty. Besides, the picture and sound quality are also relatively stable, allowing you to experience the game consistently on most mobile devices. In general, Blend It 3D is not a new game but interesting enough for you to spend a few hours a day to experience it.

However, according to some players’ comments, Blend It 3D should be changed in some bloody scenes. I agree with this because it can help the game become more complete and more suitable for the majority of players. I also believe that SayGames publishers will consider and revise their game soon.

MOD Features:

  • Free Shopping
  • No Ads


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