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Update OnAugust 28, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Content
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Learn about unsolved mysteries in Cluedo MOD APK right now. This is a fascinating board game where you will become a talented detective with the task of finding the mystery at each level. It has also a deep storyline that will definitely make your experience much more impressive.

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Introduce about Cluedo

Cluedo – Board game investigating cases attractive with a deep storyline


The main content in Cluedo mainly revolves around the fascinating crime stories of the main character. Accordingly, you will become one of the most talented detectives with top-notch reasoning skills. Justice will be served by the best, none other than you. Your task is to move through different areas, looking for clues to conclude who is the culprit.

Basically, this is a paid board game from the publisher Marmalade Game Studio. More specifically, you will have to pay an amount equivalent to $ 5.99 to download this game through Google Play. Believe me, this price is completely in line with the content and message that this game is about to bring to you. If you want to save money, you can also download the APK version of this game on our website.

Participate in thrilling cases

Before starting, the player will be transformed into one of the six main characters. Includes Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock, Mr Green, Dr Orchid, and Professor Plum. All of these characters are present in the Tudor Mansion, and this is also the place where a serial murder is about to take place. The first victim who was murdered was Mr. Boddy, you need to find the culprit quickly before the other murders continue.

Anxiety began to appear in all the members of this castle, and one of them was the killer. The special thing is that no matter what character they transform into, the rest of the characters all have secret secrets. Your task is to immerse yourself in the game’s story to find clues about the real culprit. Believe me, interesting twists will appear throughout that promise to make you feel extremely surprised.

Unveil the secret through clues

By joining Cluedo, players will have the opportunity to access all available developments and take advantage of every opportunity to be able to successfully solve the case. In fact, the more clues you collect, the faster the process of finding criminals will be. In each situation, the player will have to choose one of the cards that appear on the screen to solve the problem in the story.

Besides, players will roll the dice to decide their number of turns. The number of points on the dice represents the position of any room that you are allowed to move to in the mansion. Each area will have specific clues, and you must use the most suitable card to exploit the clues you are looking for.

Using the Suggestion Board feature

The hint system in Cluedo will help players easily overcome difficult questions. We believe that not everyone can access the content in this board game easily. It can be seen that each player will have different feelings and judgments about the details appearing on the screen. Therefore, the hint table will reveal the logic behind each clue for players to exploit in the right direction of the investigation. This will help you limit wrong judgments and have a more accurate view of the case.

Practice the skills of a professional detective

To become a professional detective, you will have to apply a lot of different factors. Joining Cluedo is a good idea for you to practice the basic skills of a detective. You need to know how to use the virtual Clue Sheet, analyze stories, investigate suspects’ schedules, and more. In some cases, you need to interview suspects and determine if their answers are really accurate. Overall, this game will help you practice detective skills, reasoning, and logical thinking to find the truth.

2D graphics combined with a dark color gamut

In fact, the main content of this game revolves around murder cases, so the main dark color will contribute to increasing the player’s experience to the highest level. The way to develop images in Cluedo is quite good with the built-in 2D graphics format. Besides the scenery of the magnificent castle, the expressions and shapes of the characters will make you feel impressed from the first time you see them. In addition, the sound system is also quite good with the background music to full of ghosts and rushing.

How to install Cluedo

Step 1: Click on the link to download the game in this article and please wait a moment for the download process to complete.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and wait for it to complete, then you can see the game running on your phone.

Step 3: You can enjoy the game after the login process.

Download Cluedo MOD APK for Android

Now you can test your detective skills by downloading Cluedo to enjoy the contents it has to offer. Join the game, you will be constantly taken to mysterious rooms to find specific clues. All mysteries will be solved when you find the real culprit. On the contrary, your wrong decision may make the killer successfully escape.

Features MOD:

  • Unlocked All Content


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