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Update OnMarch 6, 2022
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Unreal Life APK is an adventure game with unique pixel graphics and clicks style. You will join the journey of the girl with amnesia and solve the mysteries related to her. It’s a sad story, lonely but also full of charm, promising many surprises and unforgettable meanings.

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Introduce about Unreal Life

Unreal Life – Endless adventure filled with many emotions

Do you want to temporarily forget reality and immerse yourself in a new world of art? Try Unreal Life to find that feeling now. This game is released by room6 on the mobile platform. While before that, it was a hit on the PC platform and won the “New Face Award” award from the Japan Media Arts Festival. It will impress you with its compelling storyline and creative graphic style. A little bit of novelty and classic makes a great art adventure role-playing world.

Unreal Life

This game has a simple gameplay but contains many meanings and emotions. It will show you things you’ve never felt before, about loneliness, mystery, and being lost. But besides that, you also find a little loveliness and serenity thanks to the soft and catchy background music. All are covered by a mysterious blue color and rudimentary vintage pixel strokes. It sets Unreal Life apart from any adventure game.


Joining the game, gamers will play the role of a little girl called Hal. She has completely lost her memories and is on a journey to regain her old life. All she remembers is the name “Sakura”. She starts with it and sets out to find Sakura to solve the mysteries of her life. And you will join her. This is a long journey from one place to another in the big city. Stop somewhere to see what you can find from Hal’s memory. Let her touch certain familiar objects and see what happens there. This superpower of Hal will help the two gradually find their answers.

Discover and solve the mystery

Continuing with the story of Unreal Life, gamers will accompany the poor girl on the journey to find her memories. During this journey, they will have a strange support friend, the traffic lights. Follow the vague signals from the traffic lights and Hal’s memories to find many different places. There, gamers will collect useful pieces of information. Match them together in your mind, and guess the truth behind the mysteries in the game.

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All of this game is the gamer’s experience in the game world. They will go places, explore, learn, and make decisions to broaden their journey. The game content is relatively long and deep, so if you really want to explore it all, you will spend up to a few hours. However, once you start it, you can get sucked into the storyline with many surprises. You will meet many other characters and useful items for your journey. Each brings back Hal’s familiar memories and gives you a lot of interesting emotions.

Many unexpected endings

Through the player’s decisions in the adventure, they will receive several different results. According to the publisher, there will be up to 4 matches for the previous decision chains of gamers. So take the time to explore all of these endings, each ending with a surprise that you might not have thought of. Each action will affect the outcome, but it is not so important. Because each action will lead to different happenings and all are fun to enjoy.

Creative pixel graphics

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With pixel graphic style, Unreal Life has successfully portrayed the mysterious art world. Everything is covered with gloomy colors, but somewhere there is still eye-catching light, attracting all eyes. Besides, the image of characters, backgrounds, and objects are all quite friendly when designed in cartoon style. Music is carefully selected to bring melodies that are both gentle and catchy. All blend together to create moments of experience that are both magical and real. It brings a bit of classic and a bit of interesting fantasy, causing curiosity and excitement for gamers.

How to install Unreal Life

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to download the APK or MOD version of Unreal Life at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android device in “settings”.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and click “Install”.

Step 4: Once the installation completes, click the game icon on the home screen and start playing it.

Download Unreal Life APK for Android

Roleplay and immerse yourself in the art world of Unreal Life now, what do you think? It is a fascinating journey with the girl Hal and the strange traffic lights. Follow them and find out the many mysteries in the girl’s memory. Every place you go through has hidden surprises, and the truth behind it will leave you with many thoughts. Don’t miss this interesting story, it is free for you to experience.

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