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ARTE Experience
Update OnApril 17, 2022
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Inua APK is a mystery adventure based on a true historical story. It will bring you to the past of the 19th-century shipwreck in northern Canada. You will discover it all from the present perspective and solve the mysteries buried beneath the thousand-year-old snow.

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Introduce about Inua

Inua – Light adventure game with beautiful graphics and relaxing sounds

The puzzle adventure genre has always been a favorite of ours. Because it always gives gamers many interesting feelings and good stories to remember. If it’s also your thing, you can join us in our review of Inua, a new game on Modded-1. It is a game from the publisher ARTE Experience and costs about $ 5 on Google Play. But you can get it for free here now and start your journey like never before.


Inua is a game based on the true story of a mysterious shipwreck in cold northern Canada. It includes many unique and thrilling details that are revealed gradually throughout the player’s experience. Just touch the screen to play, view, and listen to conversations. You can choose to change the course of history from the present perspective, thereby unraveling the mysteries of the past. This game not only has a good story but is also beautiful. It possesses excellent graphics and melodious sound, creating a sense of light relaxation. All in all, everyone should play it once.

Based on a true historical story

In the 19th century, Franklin was on an expedition in the arctic region, but unfortunately, his ship was wrecked. At this time, the crew on the boat had to face extremely difficult situations, which were epidemics, which were internal quarrels. In the end, they all disappeared, the lost ship becoming a mystery to future generations. And since then, these shipwreck mysteries have become a subject of exploration for detectives in the 20th century and beyond.

You are one of them, a female reporter named Taina. She and her two friends have begun an investigation based on the remaining clues of the shipwreck of the century. They will go back in time and come up with arguments to solve all mysteries. Follow them and see the results of this investigation. Not only that, you can direct them to change current misconceptions about the course of history. Thereby uncovering secret documents and earth-shattering secrets that have been buried for thousands of years.

Explore the character’s inner thoughts and actions

During the investigation, the player will follow the explorers in their every argument. Meanwhile, they can explore each character’s inner self and the materials they collect. Tap on each person and choose to see their ideas. There you can find books or newspapers about the shipwreck as well as their thoughts on the matter of investigation. Everyone has a different personality, so their thinking is also different. For each situation, each character also has a different reflection and point of view.

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Players will accompany important characters to unlock new details. Gradually, they will unlock more new episodes as well as new characters. Each one will bring you special clues. Your job is to tie them together, argue, prove, and come to a conclusion.

Beautiful and vivid hand-drawn graphics

Inua has a vivid hand-drawn 2D graphic style. People and scenes are all realistically present on the experience screen with many different effects. You can feel the classic, closeness and a bit of ghost in the images. At the same time, it is also easy for you to feel the change of space and time. Past and present intertwine, bringing flexible and diverse context changes.

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The sound is always melodious, gentle, making everyone fall in love when immersed in the game. Therefore, the wonderful paintings mixed with music will leave you with many deep impressions. Enjoy them in your game and feel a variety of emotions.

How to install Inua

Completing the following steps will help you download Inua MOD APK for free:

Step 1: Click the link at the end of the article to download the APK or MOD version of Inua at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Enable unknown sources on your Android device in “settings”.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and click “Install”.

Step 4: Once the installation completes, click the game icon on the home screen and start playing it.

Download Inua MOD APK for Android

A story is portrayed vividly and artistically in Inua. It evokes many emotions about the past, present, and the mysteries between them. Space, time, and scenery change with your every touch. Tap to see dialogue, tap to explore, tap to reminisce. The gameplay is as simple as that but opens up many unique situations in the background of 2D hand-drawn graphics. Music will lead you to the strange and deep inner stories in each person. Don’t hesitate to explore them all.

Features MOD:

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