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Update OnMarch 28, 2022
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Path to Mnemosyne APK is an adventure game with extremely novel puzzle elements. The player’s task is to help the protagonist find the forgotten memories in his mind by overcoming the difficult puzzles.

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Introduce about Path to Mnemosyne

You may not know, Path to Mnemosyne first appeared on the Windows operating system in 2018, in the form of a game sold on Steam. Not long after, this game received a lot of love from the gaming community thanks to its unique puzzle gameplay and unlike any other game.

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Realizing the strong development of this game, the publisher Crescent Moon Games quickly acquired the copyright to develop it on the mobile platform and officially launched it in March 2020. Currently, This game is being sold for $ 5 per download on Google Play and App Store.

Mysterious voice

Path to Mnemosyne does not bring players any plot or context in the first experience. You simply enter the world in the protagonist’s mind through hypnotic measures from a stranger. During the game, you will receive instructions from an unknown voice. That voice is actually the storyteller for the mysterious adventure in this game. This is really a very clever way of storytelling when you always put the player in a state of fear, and suspense with what is going to happen to you.


download path to mnemosyne apk

The whole game will take you to an endless path, where you will have to overcome puzzles and patch up pieces of memory in order to regain the memories of the main character. Path to Mnemosyne requires players to always move forward to accept new puzzles. Basically, the puzzles in the game will not be duplicated and bring completely different content. Therefore, you will lose a lot of time if you want to answer all of your questions around this game.

It is important for players to observe carefully during the game experience because the path in the game is like an endless maze. If you feel stuck, try turning the screen upside down to change the perspective of the main character. This will probably help you find some hints to complete the challenge that this game poses.


Path to Mnemosyne owns a relatively simple control method that is suitable for all of today’s mobile devices. Specifically, the character will automatically move forward continuously. Players only need to swipe left or right to navigate the character to move to the appropriate locations.

Besides, you can also swipe up to help the character jump up to avoid obstacles in front of you. Although the control method of this game is quite simple, winning is not a simple thing at all. Therefore, you need to make the most of your ability to observe carefully.

Listen to the mysterious voice

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As mentioned above, a mysterious voice will appear throughout the player’s journey while experiencing the game. When this voice is heard, the subtitle system will appear below the screen. This is to help players easily grasp the message that the game wants to convey. These are built-in suggestions to help you better understand the task you are doing. Of course, you need to have a strong background in English if you want to understand all of these suggestions.

Diverse puzzle

The next highlight from Path to Mnemosyne is that it owns a lot of different puzzles, promising to bring players from surprise to surprise during the experience. You can be completely assured of the content of each puzzle because they differ in every aspect. In some cases, this game requires players to find the necessary objects in a room if they want to win. Or a few other cases require you to find the difference in two pictures that seem to be similar.

New graphics

We can confirm that Path to Mnemosyne’s graphics are not similar to any games of the same genre today. The details in the game are in a familiar cartoon style with simple black and white tones, promising to give players a very new feeling. Although it only possesses extremely simple, lifeless brushstrokes, that is the factor that helps players feel the emptiness of the main character’s mentality.

How to install Path to Mnemosyne

Step 1: Download the file Path to Mnemosyne (APK + OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Tap Install OBB -> Select Path to Mnemosyne OBB (com.crescentmoongames.ptm.zip). Move to the Android/Obb directory.

Step 3: Tap Select.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to finish.

Download Path to Mnemosyne APK for Android

With the above analysis, we believe that you will feel the excitement that Path to Mnemosyne brings right from the first experience. This game possesses all the necessary elements to become an adventure game combined with attractive puzzle elements. However, it doesn’t get too many installs on Google Play or the App Store. Perhaps the main reason is that this game requires players to pay to experience, but you can save your money by downloading the game via the APK + OBB link below.

MOD Features:

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