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Update OnDecember 12, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Evidence 111 APK is an adventure game with a detective story element. It will take you on a walk of emotions and imagination, where the story is told by sound. You will participate in that story through choices and decisions. See where this story goes with your choices.

Note: Many other story games are also available on Modded-1 such as Adventure Bay and Life in Adventure.

Introduce about Evidence 111

Evidence 111 – Story game told with voiceover

Evidence 111

Have you ever played a game with only sounds and choices? Evidence 111 is one such game. This game was released by Play By Ears on November 6. True to the nickname, this publisher wants to convey to gamers the story with sound. Thanks to that, gamers can rest their eyes and hands while listening to the voiceover. A well-voiced detective story by top actors. Now is the time to discover it right on your phone.

Discover the original story

The story of the game takes place in the small town of Farnham, England in 1985. A chief inspector named Alice Wells is on the night shift as usual in the small watch room. Suddenly he received a mysterious call from an anonymous number. The person on the other end said something related to evidence 111. Because the sound was rather low, the whole call was not heard very clearly. But the chief inspector seemed to recognize something from this call. What is evidence 111 and how does it affect?

The following details will explain it to you. Evidence 111 is related to a forgotten profile and many shady organizations and individuals. Through the narration of the characters, gamers will gradually understand it. At the same time, they will participate in a journey of investigating Evidence 111 through options. Many new details will be gradually revealed in different branches. Let’s see how far you can go in this story. Is there an end to it? You yourself will know the answer.

Change everything with your choice

download evidence 111 mod

In terms of gameplay, Evidence 111 is a game with classic point-and-click mechanics. This gameplay does not require too much manipulation from the player. Instead, they simply touch the screen to interact, choose and decide. In some important situations, the game will offer several options. The gamer’s job is to choose one of the available options and see what comes next. Each choice affects the course of the story, which in turn affects its ending.

According to its publisher, this game has more than 10 endings. No one knows which ending is best and what will lead to it. Therefore, only when you go through most of the details can you make the right decision. Of course, you can play over and over again and try all options. This will help you discover all 10 endings of the story. However, gamers need to unlock the full game with an in-app purchase.

The relationship between the characters

The story of the game is made up of many elements, including characters. It owns a character system with a well-designed design. Each character, even without a specific avatar, has its own profile. Thanks to that, each character carries his own destiny, personality, and story. However, they are closely connected with each other in many ways. You yourself will discover what their relationship is, thereby making decisions in important situations.

The connections between characters can be obvious and or faint. Those are all implied by the game publisher. Are gamers observant enough to realize the real connection between the characters? This is also an interesting puzzle, isn’t it?

Sharp voiceover sound

download evidence 111 apk

As introduced, Evidence 111 is a story game told by sound. It does not have too many images displayed on the screen, except for a small fingerprint dot. Therefore, there is not much to discuss the design style of this game. Instead, its sound is well made. Each character in the story is fully voiced by top actors such as Zoë Robins, Rosamund Pike, and Mike Bodie. The emotions from their voiceover will describe the content that the story wants to convey to you.

How to install Evidence 111

Step 1: Download Evidence 111 (original APK or MOD) from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your Android device.

Step 3: Open Evidence 111_modded-1.com.apk file. Select Install.

Step 4: Wait for the installation to complete 100% to open and enjoy the game.

If you get an error while installing, please check if there is another version of the game on your phone. Please remove it (if any) and reinstall the apk version here.

Download Evidence 111 APK for Android

Overall, Evidence 111 is a novel and exciting adventure game. It doesn’t impress with its massive visual style or epic story elements. Instead, with just the sound, it tells a simple yet dramatic detective story. This story is seamlessly built, tight, and fully voiced. Enjoy it with your ears and let your imagination run wild.

Features MOD:

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