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Update OnMay 28, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 7.0
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Disney Twisted Wonderland has officially been available on the mobile platform with an international version. It is an experience with diverse gameplay, including visual novel genres, rhythm games, and RPG combat. So much good stuff gathered in one game, does it make a difference?

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Introduce about Disney Twisted Wonderland

Disney Twisted Wonderland – Adventure gameplay with a story and characters with depth

So Disney Twisted Wonderland with the international version was officially available on Google Play 2 years after its initial release. It is definitely a new game that has a great attraction for fans in the near future. The most outstanding feature of this game is the gameplay. It integrates 3 of the most exciting mobile gameplay genres of all time, including the visual novel, RPG, and rhythm. Thanks to that, anyone can easily find their inspiration here.

Disney Twisted Wonderland

In addition, the game has a well-rounded storyline, which is vividly shown through unique anime images and complete dialogue. The game context is also very diverse, the combat effects are smooth, and the music is carefully selected. Everything is at a good level, promising to bring a perfect experience, good for both hearing and vision. Therefore, this game has great expectations from the publisher Aniplex and fans. As for its future, let’s keep an eye on it.

Explore the plot through visuals

Disney Twisted Wonderland is inspired by the villains in the Disney world. They would be summoned through a magic mirror and gathered in a famous academy. Here, gamers will meet with many familiar and strange faces, most of which are heroes in many popular animated movies. But they come here with a new story, and each will surprise you with their unique looks and interesting stories.

Each of the characters’ individual stories is combined to form a complete plot. Gamers will discover it gradually through adventures visual dialogue and images. Sometimes, they will have to make their own choices to contribute to the story. Wise choices will help them explore more inside the magical world of magic. Play and accumulate points to unlock new character cards and expand the game’s story to infinity.

Turn-based RPG battles

Disney Twisted Wonderland characters who share the same ideals will engage in battles against enemies. Players need to choose and assemble their favorite characters before going to war. After that, the battles will take place automatically according to the turn-based mechanism. The player can choose the right hero to attack in each turn. So, make the right choice to gain an advantage on the battlefield.

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Your enemies will get stronger as you level up. Accordingly, their HP will be larger and larger, which means they will be more difficult to destroy. So, to fight them, gamers need to upgrade their squad by increasing character stats, such as health and damage. Also, think about new squad strategies as you add characters to your collection. Each combination brings unexpected effects, try as many as you can to find the perfect combination.

Play rhythm with fingers

Interesting content in Disney Twisted Wonderland is the rhythm play. Their gameplay is also simple, just touch the screen at the right time to complete the notes. But the game context will change through each level. Music will follow every step of your adventure. To fully enjoy it, focus on your fingers to tap at the right time while creating a rhythm. That’s when you see great effects and special touches in a song.

Excellent anime style

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Having said that, Disney Twisted Wonderland is one of the games with the best anime graphics among new mobile games. Character images are described in detail and vividly, each with a different look and personality. In addition, the game context is very rich, including many different scenes, and has smooth scene transitions. Effects are equally vivid, especially in RPG battles and rhythmic levels. Everything is good enough to make up the complete experience where there are visuals, music, effects, motion, and more.

How to install Disney Twisted Wonderland

Step 1: Download Disney Twisted Wonderland (APK or MOD) right at the “Download” link at this article on Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file and please wait a moment for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Tap the game icon to open and play it right on your phone.

If there is any problem during the installation, feel free to contact us to get a response as soon as possible.

Download Disney Twisted Wonderland MOD APK for Android

Disney Twisted Wonderland will be a hot game for a while. We believe so. It possesses all the elements that make a mobile game attractive. The first is diverse gameplay, deep storyline, then beautiful graphics and smooth experience. So if you don’t play then the fee. Join the game now and immerse yourself in a mysterious story revolving around beautiful anime character cards and fascinating battles.

Features MOD:

  • MENU MOD (Coming Soon)
  • God Mode
  • DMG [1 – 1000]

=> The MOD feature will be updated by us as soon as possible.


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