SMASH LEGENDS APK 2.17.1 [Full Game] Download for Android

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Update OnMarch 18, 2023
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RequiresAndroid 5.1
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SMASH LEGENDS APK is an engaging action role-playing game. You will have the opportunity to become a hero and participate in fast-paced single or team battles. Get ready to rush on the battlefield, fight with unique skills and win against every opponent. You can become the top on the leaderboard with a record score.

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Introduce about SMASH LEGENDS

SMASH LEGENDS – An explosive action battle between legends

This is the action game loved by millions of players. It has attracted more than 5 million installs on Google Play and many positive reviews from fans. The game is now available to download to your phone. It will give gamers an online battleground to confront multiplayer. There, the hero’s goal is to be the last man standing on the map. Gamers can play alone or co-op with friends. There are dozens of legendary heroes to choose from and upgrade before each battle. Explore them all and learn how to master skills to gain an edge on the battlefield.

Explore unique modes

The game offers a lot of interesting modes. For example, in Dominion mode, gamers can participate in 3v3 team battles. There, their task is to dispute an area with the opponent’s team and win. Meanwhile, in Battle Royale mode, there are up to 8 players online, and each player’s goal is to be the last survivor on the battlefield. In addition, gamers can explore Duels mode where they have a one-on-one battle with any opponent, Havert mode where they have to contend with others to collect vegetables or Team Deathmatch mode, and more.

The game also features daily quests and special events to bring players together through battles. It also regularly updates dozens of maps and heroes to provide a fresh experience from time to time. What is your favorite style of action, single player or play with friends? Choose the mode or mission you like, choose the powerful hero and the map, then you can immediately join the battlefield and enjoy it. The time for each battle is only 3 minutes, so gamers can play the game anytime, anywhere.

Smooth control mechanism

Gamers can easily access the game in just a few minutes, thanks to the simple and optimized control mechanism. Gamers only need to control their hero with the joystick on the left side of the screen and use the skill icons on the right side of the screen to attack. But each hero has its own set of skills, gamers need to learn how to combine skills and moves to gain an advantage over opponents. Move wisely to dodge the attacks of the enemy. At the same time, they need to know the right time to attack so that the opponent is surprised and does not have time to react.

The battle will take place from the first-person perspective from the top. Therefore, each action and battlefield scene is clearly and intuitively described. In the team war, gamers can also observe their allies easily. Pay attention to the enemy’s HP and energy parameters to analyze the current situation and have a reasonable action strategy.

Rich legendary hero system

SMASH LEGENDS offers dozens of unique heroes. Each hero has its own appearance, strength, and skills. But in general, the heroes have many similarities in terms of attack range or damage form. Some heroes are suitable for close-range attacks, while others are distance-range attacks. Some heroes will fight with swords, sticks, spells, guns, and more. Thanks to this, the game creates diversity in the hero system, thereby creating diversity in action gameplay.

Gamers can unlock many heroes to have many options in the battles. Furthermore, don’t forget to upgrade them to improve their attack and defense stats. In addition, each hero has a unique set of skins and skill sets that can be further developed as the level progresses. So explore and equip your characters with beautiful skins that will make them stand out on the battlefield.

Realistic 3D graphics and vivid effects

Everything in the game is designed on the basis of 3D graphics. Thanks to that, it vividly depicts the hero image, the battlefield setting, and everything else. Heroes have unique and creative anime looks. Each hero also has impressive performance effects and unique skins to transform. The battle effects on the battlefield are extremely eye-catching, contributing to the epic battles.

How to install SMASH LEGENDS

Step 1: Download SMASH LEGENDS MOD APK via the “Download” link in this article.

Step 2: Install the downloaded apk file and please wait a bit for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Open the game and enjoy it on your phone.

Download SMASH LEGENDS APK for Android

SMASH LEGENDS won’t let you down with its fast-paced action RPG gameplay. Get ready to become one of the legends and compete against millions of other opponents around the globe. You can find your favorite heroes with impressive skill sets. Don’t miss out on upgrading and customizing them with new skins and skills. Epic online battles will leave you spellbound.


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