Shadow Knight 3.10.16 APK + MOD [Immortality] Download for Android

Fansipan Limited
Update OnJanuary 21, 2023
MOD FeaturesImmortality
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Join Shadow Knight, to enjoy the fascinating action RPG gameplay combined with the guillotine style in the dark fantasy world. The MOD version of the game is also available at Modded-1.com for download.

Note: Please refer to some interesting games of the same type in MODDED-1 such as Shadow of Death 2 or Shadow Fight 3.

Introduce about Shadow Knight

download shadow knight

Like the first version of the action game series from the publisher Fansipan Limited, Shadow Knight has immersive gameplay combining adventure with unique “shadow” graphics. Therefore, you may find it quite similar to the famous Shadow Fight game series. However, this is a completely new experience with interesting storylines, modern features, and a top-notch graphics platform. Compared to its predecessor, the Shadow Knight has been integrated with a stronger fighting mechanism, and it also has a new diverse mission system. I think it will quickly conquer you.


The game takes place in Harmonia – a beautiful and mysterious world where Humans, Orcs, Souls, Dwarves, Beasts, and Elves live peacefully together. The peace lasts not long before the deep ambition arises, the dark forces escape hell and gradually invade the world. The tragedy happened to all the people of Harmonia and made the beautiful lands here sink into a deep pit of despair.

As one of the dark knights, you won’t let the world stay in darkness forever, right? If so, start the journey to search the gates of hell to bring light to Harmonia. The peace can return to everyone here in the near future but first, players will have to fight against a series of evil enemies in hell. Rest assured, you will not be alone in this game. Ashley, Lucius, and many other characters will be reliable companions.


download shadow knight mod apk

Join the fictional adventure in Shadow Knight, players have a lot of tasks that need to be completed every day. Be ready to face the challenges when crossing forests, ghost towns, dungeons … Countless deadly traps, zombies, and giant monsters are always waiting to hinder you at any time along the way. They are more powerful than you ever saw in the first version. A little subjective can make you lose.


Shadow Knight’s control mechanism allows players to use both hands to manipulate the screen interface. In the left corner, players can see multi-dimensional buttons that allow controlling the character in different directions. Meanwhile, the function buttons on the right of the screen correspond to the skills of the character. Initially, you only use 4 skills with the same main skill.

After that, when passing level 6, a new skill will be released and when it reaches level 20, all 7 skills will be completely available. The important thing is that players need to use them skillfully and know how to combine them to create ultimate power. This can be time-consuming if you are a new player.

System of items and weapons

In an unequal battle, players need support from weapons systems and special items to enhance their strength. Every time you pass a gate, you will be equipped with an additional weapon or equipment, armor. If you are not satisfied, you can buy another type of item at the store with gems or gold.

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Note: Weapons and skills of the character can be upgraded. By learning new skills to reach higher levels and improving equipment, your character will return to the game with more powerful power. Take the time to train a team of heroic dark knights and get ready for every match. Prove to everyone that you can conquer every challenge.


Although only owns a 2D graphics platform, the details and effects in the game are designed quite meticulously. The game scene is somewhat bleak with a dark background, but it is suitable to show the fight between the dark knights and the monsters of hell according to the Shadow Knight’s plot. In particular, the characters are almost not fully simulated. Players only seem to see their shadows. However, this is a very unique design style that has been used in famous games. It contributes to highlighting the skills of the character.

How to install Shadow Knight

If you have never downloaded the MOD of Shadow Knight from MODDED-1, please read the instructions below:

Step 1: Download Shadow Knight (MOD Immortality) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Turn on the unknown on apps that have sources other than Google Play to allow the MOD feature to work.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Finally, turn on the game and enjoy it.

Download Shadow Knight MOD APK for Android

Shadow Knight is an addictive RPG that you should not miss at the moment. The battle of life and death between the dark forces and warriors will be vividly recreated right on the phone. The fast-paced screenplay on the fiery battlefield will surely make you excited every time you play. Join this adventure now and create the craziest battles of your style.

MOD Features:

  • Immortality


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