Ryuko 1.0.83 APK + MOD [Menu/Money/God/Immortality] Download

Horizon Games Inc.
Update OnJanuary 19, 2023
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/Immortality
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Ryuko MOD APK is officially available on mobile for free download and plays anytime. So, do you want to try it to enjoy the cutting-edge feeling in the role of the legendary shadow ninja? It really is your rage, discover it now.

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Introduce about Ryuko

Ryuko – Super cool ninja action role-playing game

After a long wait, Ryuko has officially been available on the mobile platform for both Android and iOS. It is published by Horizon Games Inc, a popular game developer and publisher that is loved by many people. You may not know, this new game is currently receiving the attention of a large number of global gamers. Thanks to that, although it just appeared, it quickly spread in the mobile gaming community.

Ryuko - Legend of Shadow Hunter

This game can become a rival to traditional ninja games. However, in many respects, it presents something new and unique than any old game. From gameplay to story and visuals, it’s been thoughtfully designed to deliver a complete experience. The eye-catching hack-and-slash mechanism once again rocked the action game world and will make you unforgettable.

Become Ryuko, the legendary female shadow ninja

Ryuko brings the classic game world based on the image of legendary Japanese-style ninja. Thanks to that, it impresses gamers with majestic mountain scenery, ancient forests, villages, wooden houses, and trails. Here, it opens a fantasy story about Kurome village and the curse of the dark demon. Everyone in the village is controlled by a demon with a black eye and a fierce heart. But among them, a female ninja warrior is overcoming the curse herself, trying to escape the village and begin an endless journey to face enemies.

She is none other than you as Ryuko. Join this powerful warrior on a challenging adventure to find the cure for the curse. Will she successfully overcome all dangers to achieve that noble goal? It is you who will decide the end of this story with your skills and talents. Show it off as soon as you enter the game world.

Impressive hack-and-slash gameplay

Coming to Ryuko, gamers will love the eye-catching action role-playing battles. Holding in hand the legendary sword of every ninja, the player needs to launch precise moves at the enemy while finding a way to dodge all attacks. There’s not too much to do but focus on your every move. A true ninja will act uncompromisingly but always be calculated and flexible in any situation.

download ryuko legend of shadow hunter mod apk

There are operations gamers need to grasp, including the joystick on the left of the screen and important function buttons on the right of the screen. They allow players to both move and attack and show eye-catching hacks and slashes. Besides, there are many skills such as skills to use swords, guns, explosives. And there are many ways to upgrade the character’s strength, including upgrading weapons and using power potions.

Various enemies and maps

Every step you take on the map is part of a long-term plan. The places you go through will become unforgettable memories as you leave your mark with bloody and tearful battles. Besides, the player’s challenge is to face a series of enemies who are proficient ninjas. They are ancient legendary warriors with unpredictable fighting abilities. So it’s not easy to conquer them in your battles.

But Ryuko is not only a journey for gamers to conquer enemies but also to overcome their own limits. It’s a never-ending journey as the game continuously opens up new lands with new enemies and new abilities to explore. There are not too many instructions along the way, so gamers need to learn how to survive on their own in the vast virtual world. However, that is also the factor that makes the game attractive.

Beautiful 3D graphics

The picture quality in Ryuko is stunning with the high-end 3D background. Thanks to that, it successfully depicts the vast game scene and the classic beauty of each character in the game.

download ryuko legend of shadow hunter mod

In addition, the combat effects and transitions are very smooth. They make every game more vivid and eye-catching than ever. Besides, the sound with the melodies that are both catchy and thrilling will always make you excited.

How to install Ryuko

Step 1: Download the version Ryuko (MOD or APK) from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open “settings” on your device and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the downloaded file and select “install”.

Step 4: Wait for the download to complete and you can play it right after.

Download Ryuko MOD APK for Android

Ryuko is a great action game to immerse yourself in movie-like hacks. You can become the most powerful shadow ninja with the signature weapon of the sword. However, there are many other options to upgrade such as power potions or special weapons. But the most important is your fighting skills and experience, which is the key to every victory.

Features MOD:

MOD (V1)

  • God Mode

Note: Play Tutorial and then Restart your game to get money

MOD (V2)

  • Immortality

MOD (V3)

  • Unlimited Money


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ken donloter
ken donloter

sorry, unlimited money is not working… when buy a weapon, the money decreased