Takashi Ninja Warrior 2.6.6 APK + MOD [God Mode/No Ads] Download

Horizon Games Inc.
Update OnSeptember 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesGod Mode
Category RPG
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Takashi Ninja Warrior MOD APK is an Action Role-Playing game with a unique 3D graphics platform, possessing a deep storyline. The special thing, officially released by Horizon Games (A fairly new developer in the world). Currently, Takashi Ninja Warrior supports both Android and iOS platforms for free. You can download it through Google Play or App Store, and you can install it directly via MODDED-1.

Note: You can refer to other action role-playing games like Ninja’s Creed and Shadow Fight 3.

Introduce about Takashi Ninja Warrior


Coming to Takashi Ninja Warrior, players will immerse themselves in an epic historical context in the medieval period of Japan. This period is the Tochi period when samurai and ninjas appeared frequently in human life and became revered and respected characters. They are heroes in the dark, constantly fighting their enemies to protect the peaceful life of mankind.

download takashi ninja warrior

In this game, you will transform into one of them, Ninja Takashi, the son of a very cult ninja named Arashi. Unfortunately, in a mortal battle with the enemy, Takashi’s father was killed by an unknown man. After that, Takashi inherited his father’s precious fortune, a traditional sword of the clan. With this sword, he embarks on his adventurous adventure with the aim of finding out who killed his father many years ago. So can he achieve this goal?


Start game, you will accompany Takashi on his adventure to decode the father murder case. This is not a normal adventure, but a real expedition. You will meet a lot of different challenges along the way, from weak to strong enemies, from small to large monsters. And the only way to continue your story is to fight the enemy and finish off them.

By using the skill buttons on the screen, the player can control the Ninja character to fight in battles. Note, just like normal Ninja games, players need to learn how to use the character’s skills skillfully to optimize attacks. Besides, think about dodging an opponent to avoid getting hurt. The best player will be the one who is able to regulate attacks and dodge attacks at the right time and with accuracy. To do this, I think everyone has to work hard.

Weapon system

Takashi Ninja Warrior brings many surprises to players throughout their journey. In particular, it is the weapon system. Your character has the ability to use many different weapons and each type will correspond with skills used to fight for separate monsters. Therefore, pay attention to the choice of weapons in different battles, based on the characteristics of the enemy.

download takashi ninja warrior mod apk

Note: Although the player can use a variety of weapons, the legendary sword Takashi inherited from his father will forever be an irreversible weapon. You cannot give it up, but you can improve it to increase strength. The same goes for other weapons, and you can tune them to improve overall strength.


After the matches, players will receive valuable items dropped from enemies that have been terminated. In particular, with giant bosses, if you can kill them, the rewards will be larger and more valuable. They can be some kind of weapon, armor, or items used to upgrade weapons and skills.


Takashi Ninja Warrior brings a relatively simple control system compared to games of the same genre. On the screen interface, there is a multi-dimensional button that helps control the direction of the character’s movement. At the same time, there are also a number of function buttons located on the bottom right corner of the screen that is compatible with Ninja skills. Players can use both hands to control their character on the phone screen easily. But note, the character’s skills will be performed sequentially according to the gamer’s control.

Graphics 3D

download takashi ninja warrior mod full

As introduced, Takashi Ninja Warrior is a game that owns high-quality graphics. Because it possesses a sharp 3D graphics platform with carefully elaborated images and details. The context in the game will display from the third perspective, giving gamers a wider and more intuitive viewing angle than ever. Besides, the effects and movement of the characters in the game are also quite realistic. They contribute to the tense and engaging atmosphere of mortal battles between the legendary Ninja and their enemies.

How to install Takashi Ninja Warrior

Step 1: Download the version (Original APK or MOD) of Takashi Ninja Warrior at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on your mobile device.

Step 3: Tap install.

Step 4: You need to follow the on-screen instructions until the installation is finished.

Download Takashi Ninja Warrior MOD APK for Android

Joining the adventure and fighting with ninja guy Takashi will be an engaging experience that gamers who love action cannot ignore. The game has many unexpected challenges for the most talented players. These are not only unforgettable life-and-death battles but also mysterious puzzles that challenge the intellect of every gamer. These are the things that make the Takashi Ninja Warrior so attractive – the game has now reached more than 10 million installs on Google Play. So what are you waiting for? Please download the game right away via the link below this article.

Features MOD:

  • God Mode
  • No Ads


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