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Robot Squid
Update OnOctober 21, 2022
MOD FeaturesUnlock All Crabs
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 4.4
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Have you ever thought of crab battles? Yes, you did not hear wrong. The crab battle has been and is being vividly recreated in King of Crabs and has received a lot of love from the community of players around the world. Join us to find out about this game right away.

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Introduce about King of Crabs

Crab is a relatively familiar animal to each of us, they possess a toned appearance along with a variety of species. This partly sparked the idea for the publisher of Robot Squid to develop an ideal playground for crabs. There are many types of crabs fighting with each other for power while becoming the king of the great crab.

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And the name King of Crabs says it all, this game is a battle for survival between crabs. Here, 100 crabs corresponding to 100 players around the world fight each other to become the king of the crab species on the island. In the present time, this game has reached more than 1 million installs on Google Play so you can be completely assured of what it brings.

Basic training course

Initially, you will come to a large island to start your first training course. Specifically, the system in the game will guide some locations as well as manipulate the controls to help players easily get acquainted. Your task is to complete all of the given requirements in order to complete the built-in basic training.

Overall, this training is not too complicated and does not require too much of your skills. It merely makes things simpler in the next stage of the experience.

Competitive gameplay

King of Crabs is developed in a conventional action style. So, it requires players to always keep a high level of concentration if they want to defeat all opponents. To do that, you must reach the maximum body size of your opponent by eating, eating, and eating. You should eat small crabs, starfish, snails, coconuts on the coast, and shallow waters to increase your body size before thinking of destroying other players.

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Pay attention to the body size, it is the deciding factor in whether you can eat other crabs or not. Remember that the battles in this game are extremely competitive because you will have to fight 100 other players around the world. Therefore, a small mistake is enough to make you get Game Over at any time.


King of Crabs owns a control mechanism that is relatively familiar to most players at the moment. You simply touch the screen to help your crab move or attack other opponents. When approaching other opponents, the character will automatically attack and the player simply enjoys this exciting encounter. In addition, there will not be any other operations that appear during the experience.

Allowed to use weapons

download king of crabs mod apk

The battles in the game are not only the fighting between the crabs through their claws, but the player can also use weapons during the fight. The weapons in King of Crabs have different types, and they will appear randomly on the map. If you pick up the weapon, your character will increase attack power, so use this to attack the opponent immediately.

Multiple game modes

This game offers 2 different modes for players to challenge themselves, namely PvE and PvP. In friendly PvE mode, players and comrades, unable to attack or “consume” each other. And the winner is determined by the size and amount of food.

Besides, PvP mode brings real moments of survival when bringing players to a large battlefield. In essence, this model is quite similar to normal IO games. The player has to find a way to collect food to grow in size, at the same time, swallowing opponents of a smaller size and evading larger opponents.

Unlock new types of crabs

download king of crabs apk

In addition to the attractive gameplay, King of Crabs also offers a very diverse character system. This means that players can unlock new types of crabs to enjoy the fight in their own way. Each type of crab in the game has a different appearance, along with its own price, so you can easily choose. Please alternately change the different characters on the game screen to feel excited.

Nice graphics

This game depicts extremely successfully the battle between crabs. Where players will have to show their bravery if they want to be the winner. The open world in the game also has quite details, giving the player the feeling of excitement in the battle in the game right from the first experience.

The appearance of the crabs in King of Crabs is completely different in shapes and colors. Thereby, giving players an overview of the natural world of colors around them. In general, most of the details in the game are highly perfect in terms of graphics.

How to install King of Crabs

Step 1: Download King of Crabs (Original APK and OBB) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Extract the file “OBB File” and copy “com.RobotSquid.KingOfCrabs” to the Android/Obb folder.

Step 3: Tap install King of Crabs_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Follow the instructions until done.

Download King of Crabs MOD APK for Android

With the careful investment from the publisher of Robot Squid, King of Crabs is really a game worth experiencing in the present time. Although the fighting gameplay of this game is not too new, we believe that it is enough to make you unable to take your eyes off the experience screen. Besides, the elements of graphics and sound systems also play a key role to help this game achieve success as it is now.

MOD Features:

  • Unlock All Crabs


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