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Welcome to the colorful world of Honkai Impact 3 – The most epic RPG game at this time. Exciting adventures are waiting for you to discover. Don’t miss them.

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Introduce about Honkai Impact 3

Honkai Impact 3 is the latest event from the publisher miHoYo Limited. This is the result of a combination of two of the most engaging RPG games, Honkai and Genshin Impact. It looks like it will bring a lot of joy to the fans of these two games. As of now, Honkai Impact 3 is available on Google Play to download to Android devices.

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It has attracted more than 10 million installs and received countless positive comments from many gamers. Therefore, it quickly became one of the hottest RPG games on mobile today. So what is its impressive point? Definitely about the graphics. Honkai Impact 3 is the game that possesses the most beautiful graphics quality among similar games. But besides that, it has many other advantages that you may not know. Let us introduce them to you now.

Familiar RPG gameplay

As usual, Honkai Impact 3 possesses the familiar action RPG gameplay. Players will assume the role of a character in the game and control her to fight. The game context is now built based on the Guns Girl series. Therefore, it is not too difficult to realize the perfect and poetic beauty of Japan.

The game gives gamers an endless journey for them to freely explore all the magical lands. You will join other warriors in the battle against the “Honkai”, a force that wants to invade the world. Be close to your teammates to fight the evil forces and protect the peace.

Exciting matches

Players will start by choosing a character and participating in matches in a beautiful virtual environment. The matches will take place at a fairly fast pace, and your opponents are the people of the Honkai force and the Boss. Therefore, players need to prepare a perfect squad combined with combat ability and experience. The variety of tactics will give you an advantage on the battlefield.

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Every time a match ends, a new journey unfolds and there are loads of new things to discover. You will not stop anywhere, but will continuously go straight ahead on your path. New friends, new enemies, and a host of exciting rewards will entice players. Moreover, the companionship and relationship with the beautiful female warriors will hold them back.

Diverse character system

Honkai Impact 3 currently possesses many characters of different classes. Besides the hit characters in the previous game, it has added quite a few new characters. In particular, in this launch event, the game did not hesitate to allow players to own some free characters. With that comes a limited number of skins and weapons that you’ve always wanted.

The character class in Honkai Impact 3 is divided into 3 systems, including Mech, Bio, and Psy. Each character system will have many different advantages and disadvantages, forming a fighting triangle that you often see in RPG games. Therefore, players should have a variety in character selection to ensure optimal combat and defense.


The upgrade element is integral to every RPG game. And Honkai Impact 3 is no exception. Upgrading characters and equipment in this game is necessary for players to improve their strength in increasingly difficult battles. But this is not easy. Players need to accumulate material shards until there are enough to upgrade the character. The upgrade of costumes and weapons is similar.

Realistic controls

There’s not too much new in the control system of Honkai Impact 3. Because it’s perfect enough that it doesn’t need to change too much. Players still use the multi-dimensional buttons and skill buttons to move and deploy the character’s moves. Note, each skill will need mana regeneration time to use again. Therefore, you should consider the appropriate time to use it.

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In addition, the game also offers a variety of viewing angles that can be rotated in three dimensions. It helps players have a wide viewing angle for a voyeuristic experience on the phone screen.

Super nice 3D graphics

Again, we want to emphasize the beauty of the graphics in this game. It really makes players overwhelmed by the investment in context, characters, effects, and movements. The design style remains the same, it’s a cute and colorful anime style. In addition, the context in the game is carefully designed to successfully portray the beauty of Japan from an anime perspective. In addition, the sound elements and effects are very lively, contributing significantly to creating a perfect Honkai Impact 3 experience.

How to install Honkai Impact 3

Step 1: Download the version of Honkai Impact 3 (Original APK or MOD) exclusively developed by MODDED-1.

Step 2: On an Android phone, unlock unknown settings.

Step 3: Open the file Honkai Impact 3_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Tap install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download Honkai Impact 3 MOD APK for Android

Honkai Impact 3 is an RPG game that you should not miss at the moment. From the storyline, the gameplay to the visual quality, and more, everything is perfect to enjoy for hours. However, with careful investment in these factors, especially graphics, the game’s capacity is up to 2GB. Therefore, be aware of the free space in your device before downloading. Other than that, there is nothing to argue about the appeal of this game. Download it and play now at our website.

MOD Features:

  • No Skill CD
  • Skill Cost


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