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BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO APK is an action game combined with fighting elements. The appearance of this famous game on the mobile platform will definitely bring players a lot of excitement to enjoy. First, we will help you better understand this game.

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BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO – A fighting game inspired by the 90s

Recently, the return of ACA NEOGEO games on mobile platforms is giving players around the world the opportunity to return to their childhood once more. Publisher SNK CORPORATION has vividly recreated the super games of several decades ago in an optimal way on mobile devices.


BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO is one of them. This game offers continuous hack and slash action that promises to bring you endless entertainment experiences. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or App Store with prices starting at $3.99. Of course, you can save this cost by downloading through the APK link below the article.

Choose your favorite boxer

Before starting one-on-one matches with many people, players will have to choose for themselves a favorite fighter among the three available fighters. Currently, you can choose Duke, Ryu, and Billy to start fighting in your own way. Each boxer in the game will possess completely different skills and fighting styles. What they all have in common is a powerful melee attack with powerful punches and kicks toward enemies. If you want, you can also change fighters after each stage to discover the strength of each person.

Fight against notorious criminals

Join BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO, players will control their boxers to move to the hideout of notorious gangsters. So you won’t have any help from anyone else. You are alone against an army of enemies with increasing strength.

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This is the time when you need to show great control to help the main character defeat them all to complete the assigned task. At the same time, the HP bar that appears on the screen will represent the character’s life index during the experience. When the HP level reaches 0, it also means that you have lost and have to start playing again from the beginning.

Lots of enemies with different strengths

BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO offers an extremely diverse enemy system with many different attack methods. You need to dodge their attacks to minimize the damage received. Each stage is a different enemy so you need to focus if you don’t want to lose. Besides, each match will take place for a specific amount of time, which is 60 seconds. You need to defeat the enemy within the allotted time to win the final victory.

Change settings for a better experience

Compared with products from a few decades ago, BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO stands out thanks to a relatively diverse set of settings that allows players to easily customize. Typically you can set a number of parameters such as difficulty, arcade-style atmosphere, controls, and more. Moreover, the quick save/load function allows players to save all game data and play it again easily the next time they play. If you want, you can also increase the competition by competing for high scores with players around the world.

90s style graphics

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The attraction of BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO also comes from the graphic side when all the details are shown very vividly. Join the game, you will enjoy the same content as a few decades ago but still have a familiar feeling when experiencing it. Although it can’t be compared with games at the moment, the display quality of this game is really optimal. Besides, the combat effectiveness is also shown very smoothly, promising not to disappoint you.


Step 1: Download the APK version of BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Tap install.

Step 3: Complete the installation, the icon “BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO” will appear. Click the icon to experience the game quickly.

If you have any questions regarding the download or installation process, please contact us for a response as soon as possible.


1: Is this game playable for free?

If you don’t want to pay to download the original on Google Play or App Store, the APK (Full Game) link on our website will help you play the game completely free.

2: What is the required configuration of this game?

Don’t worry, BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO is a game inspired by the famous version that came out a few decades ago. Therefore, you only need to use a device with a mid-range configuration to be able to play games smoothly.

3: Does the APK version harm the device when downloading?

Of course not, all APK or MOD versions on our website are safe and do not contain any harmful content to your device.


BURNING FIGHT ACA NEOGEO is really an attractive game in many different aspects. This game not only brings great fighting matches, but it also helps players feel like returning to their childhood again. Everything is brought to life through the mobile screen, do not miss its appearance on our website.

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