Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D MOD APK 1.1.6 [Unlimited Money] Download

ABI Global LTD
Update OnMarch 17, 2023
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Category Action Games
RequiresAndroid 5.0
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    • Unlimited Money

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Welcome to Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D MOD APK, the fun action game with 3D design. You will meet rainbow monsters and forgers from Among Us again in this game. Your mission is to defeat the monster by completing the assigned tasks in 5 nights.

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Introduce about Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D

Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D – Game inspired by Among Us and Rainbow Monster

This game just launched on November 2, 2022, but has already reached over 1 million installs on the Play Store. This achievement proves the great attraction of this new game from the publisher ABI Global LTD. So what makes it so attractive? It is an action game combining intellectual puzzles, suitable for many gamers of all ages. Next, it was designed based on images from Among Us and Rainbow Monster. From there, it both brings a familiar feeling and creates a new combination. Let’s explore this feeling now.

Survive over 5 nights

Join the game, you will play an impostor from the universe Among Us. But this time, you will participate in a different story with a spaceship journey. This impostor was captured by rainbow monsters while visiting Spooky Park. Now the player’s task is to help it escape from here by completing the mission over 5 nights.

On each night, they will join other captured impostors on duty. Only when all complete the task within the time limit will the night pass. Next, new nights will be unlocked and bring new quests.

  • On the first night, the impostors must collect enough squares on the map.
  • On the second night, they must gather enough food to feed the monsters in the warehouse.
  • On the third night, they had to find enough tools to repair broken machinery.
  • On the fourth night, their mission is to light up the room by collecting the batteries scattered on the map.
  • And the fifth night is called the mystical night, where your survival journey will end.

At all night, you have to work with other impostors. They are online or AI players. The power of unity will help all pass the quest as well as defeat the rainbow monster. Be wary of everywhere you go because monsters may be watching you all the time.

Meet various monsters

The rainbow monster system will track every movement of the player. Those are monsters inspired by the Rainbow Monster series, typically Survivor In Rainbow Monster, Merge Fusion: Rainbow Monsters, Merge Master: Rainbow Friends, and Blue Monster: Rainbow Survival. Each monster will have its own skills and actions to kill the impostor when given the opportunity. Some monsters can run fast, while others only appear when there are signs. Gamers need to know how to identify each monster to find a reasonable coping strategy.

Simple controls and easy to play

The mechanics of this game mainly focus on exploiting the player’s strategy. Therefore, the control operations are shortened so that anyone can easily access the game. Accordingly, gamers only need to use the lever to move and touch objects to grab or interact with in-game features. However, they need to move wisely to dodge the enemy. At the same time, they need to have an effective mission plan to keep up with the times.

Use support items

If you have trouble playing Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D, use boosters. There are 3 basic types of boosters, including Booster Speed, +20 Seconds, and Magnet. They will help you increase running speed, add mission time, or attract objects easily with magnets. To get these boosters, you can watch ads or spend currency. Gamers will have more advantages if they own these interesting supports on every survival night.

Colorful 3D backgrounds

This game is designed with a 3D graphic style, bringing sharp images and realistic context. The scene of Spooky Park appears vividly and includes many different areas and works. Each project has its own design and color, creating a colorful space. Besides, the image of the faker and the dragon ball monster are designed close to the original. Movements such as running, picking, and holding objects are also quite smooth. Thanks to that, the game will bring a sense of role-playing and realistic action.

How to install Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D

Step 1: You can download Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: After successful download, click the Install button on the screen.

Step 3: The installation process will take place quite quickly and the game’s icon will show up on the main screen.

Step 4: Finally, you just need to touch this icon to experience the game quickly.

Download Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D MOD APK for Android

Don’t hesitate to download Rainbow Impostor Survivor 3D and enjoy it now. This game will give you an exciting puzzle and role-playing experience. Up to 5 nights of survival with challenging missions are waiting for you to explore here. High-quality graphics and thrilling sounds will make your every night a real nightmare. Show agility to get through all night and defeat the dragon ball monster.


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