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Update OnJune 20, 2022
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MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO APK is the next game in the ACA NEOGEO series from publisher SNK on the mobile platform. It is the classic side-scrolling platformer action game. There, you will accompany a mage on his journey to fight against dungeon monsters and protect the world.

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MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO – Classic dungeon action adventure


In recent years, publisher SNK has partnered with Hamster Corporation to bring games on NEOGEO back again. They have released many classic games to the mobile platform to revive the cult experiences that are loved by many gamers. And MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO is one of them. Now you can play this game on your phone with simple swipes and touches. What’s more, you can save your progress and enjoy the scrolling adventure on the pocket horizontal screen. Although this game costs about 5$, you can download it for free via the APK link in this article. Download the game to your computer and explore it now.

Play as a mage and protect the world

The game context is preserved from the original. It is an epic dungeon world that was once a beautiful land but was ravaged by Gal-Agiese. Now, gamers must play the role of a powerful magician to fight the enemy and restore the inherent beauty of this place. It is a long journey and goes through 8 successive stages. In each stage, the mage’s task is to destroy all monsters and collect magic books. At the end of the 8 stages, they needed all 8 books to completely overthrow the dungeon enemies and restore peace.

In each stage, you will control the mage by swiping and tapping on the screen. But you need to move wisely to dodge attacks from enemies while deploying effective attacks. The player needs to kill the enemies before they affect the mage’s HP bar. If the HP reaches 0, the gamer will start over from the beginning. Besides the enemies, the pitfalls in the dungeon also pose great challenges for the magician. Go slow to spot them in time, then jump over the traps to escape.

Diverse challenge system

With a journey of 8 consecutive stages, MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO brings a series of challenges from easy to difficult. There are tons of unique enemy shapes with powerful skills. For example, they are poisonous bees that constantly drop bombs on magicians or mutant insects that always appear at every corner of your path. Besides, at some stages, gamers will have to encounter bosses. They need to be careful with them because they have great HP and unpredictable skills.

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Besides, pitfalls such as thorn traps, wormholes, fires, lava, and more can also stop your journey. But there is also various loot scattered along the way, assisting the mage to gain an edge in the endless action-adventure journey. Moreover, after defeating any enemy, you will receive chests of gold, silver, and gems. They are great rewards for the hero, helping him shop for items, equipment, and more.

Use support items

The challenges will become more and more complex, requiring the hero’s relentless progress. So upgrade your mage for better power and defense. You can do it using gems and gold. Moreover, in the adventure journey in the dungeon, gamers can encounter amazing items. Some items help restore HP, some help transform characters into powerful warriors, while others help increase damage and more. They are extremely useful for your mage to gain an advantage for a certain amount of time. Go further to discover more and get closer to your heroic mission.

Impressive vintage pixel design

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To create a sense of familiarity, this game retains the same low-quality pixel graphics style as its original on NEOGEO. So, if you are a lover of the classic, this style will make you fall in love. It highlights the beauty of the fantasy dungeon world with images of magicians and epic monsters. The combat effects are also very smooth and eye-catching. Meanwhile, the game context changes flexibly through each stage. The farther you go, the more diverse and rich the game world becomes.


Step 1: Download the version MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO APK from MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Tap Install on the file.

Step 3: The installation process will take place relatively quickly, then the game’s icon will appear on the main screen.

Step 4: You just need to tap the game icon to experience it quickly.


So, don’t hesitate to explore MAGICIAN LORD ACA NEOGEO and enjoy a classic platformer action-adventure journey. This is your chance to be the hero of the dungeon world again. Play as a powerful magician and use his skills to fight crazy monsters. The dungeon world is full of dangers but also contains great attractive rewards. If you know how to overcome dangers and challenges, you will receive unprecedented rewards.

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