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Update OnJanuary 13, 2023
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Managing personal expenses has never been easier, especially during the current pandemic. With the help of Money Manager, everything will become much simpler and more convenient. This application has built-in optimization features for personal wealth management. You can learn more about the app through this article.

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Introduce about Money Manager

Money Manager – Convenient, multi-functional personal asset management application

Practicing the habit of managing personal expenses will help us always keep an eye on our financial situation, avoid falling into a state of poverty or not knowing what our money has been used for. From now on, the appearance of Money Manager will help you manage your finances easily. In essence, this is a tool that records the spending activities of users at each specific time. So you need to log in to the app regularly to ensure that spending items are always properly noted.

Money Manager

Accordingly, Money Manager is part of a series of applications that help increase user productivity from the publisher of System monitor tools lab – Cpu Ram Battery. Therefore, the main features of the application are always aimed at lightness, simplicity but no less utility. Currently, this application is being sold for $ 1 per download on Google Play. This number is quite reasonable for the premium features available in this application.

Manage spending information

The movement of cash flow to an individual or organization takes place continuously from time to time. This inadvertently makes many people unable to control their cash flow information effectively, thereby leading to a loss soon. Understanding that, Money Manager supports users to record each change of the day.

All expenses will be controlled optimally, quickly, and fully. Users can review spending statistics by specific milestones such as day, week, month, and year. From there, users can clearly know their own spending habits or adjust to suit their average income. All you need is the habit of taking notes because the application will not be able to work on its own without user input.

Support many different types of spending

download money manager apk

Money Manager allows users to freely add different spending categories instead of using pre-existing categories. Most of the built-in categories will only give a general sense and be relevant to the vast majority of users. Because of this, you will feel too dependent on the available categories and want the freedom to personalize. Don’t worry, you can add to this application unlimited categories according to your needs. Examples food, transportation, entertainment, cars, awards, clothing, investments, salaries, pets, beauty treatments, and more.

Connect to a bank account

Not only stopping at simple recording, but Money Manager also supports users to link with different bank accounts. This means you can schedule recurring payments through this app. Near the payment date, expenses will appear in the form of a list with a deadline so that users can more conveniently pay. In addition, users can also manage monthly recurring revenues/expenditures with just one simple touch. For example salary, insurance premium, debt, rent…

In addition, Money Manager also supports password settings for maximum security of user spending. Only those who know the app’s password can then view financial information as well as the entire spending process. You should use this application when you have an internet connection to be able to synchronize data on many different devices.

Easily customizable interface

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The user interface is also a factor that many people care about when using Money Manager. Therefore, this application allows users to easily customize everything to suit their personal preferences. There are many different colors for you to choose from. But the icons will be fixed in certain positions at the discretion of the publisher and you will not be able to swap them. Besides, users are also free to choose the light or dark problem depending on their needs. Both modes are quite perfect and very beautiful.

How to install Money Manager

Step 1: You need to make sure that your device has never been installed with any previous version of Money Manager. If so, delete it immediately.


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