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Update OnMay 18, 2022
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Do you have too many accounts and passwords to remember? So you will need Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro – An extremely useful cross-platform password manager application. How many passwords do you have? It will remember them all for you with high confidence. So, it’s great, isn’t it?

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Introduce about Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro – Useful tool for Android users

The security of user data on websites is increasingly concerned. That’s why users have to regularly change their accounts and passwords when using social networks and work applications. But remembering accounts and passwords is always a headache for many people, especially when they have too many different accounts. So the introduction of user account and password management tools is great to aid in remembering. One of them is Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro.

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro

This application is trusted by major organizations in the United States and hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Although it is a paid application, many people are willing to buy it once to use it forever. So we think it is also useful for you to use it on multiple platforms like Android and synced platforms like laptops, tablets, and PCs. Try it if you need to.

Store and manage all passwords

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is like a warehouse that helps you store all your accounts and passwords. Just sign in once in the app and users can access their accounts anytime without re-entering. This feature works for any account like Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Amazon, Google, Laptop, Note, Twitter, and more.

In the interface of the application, users can add, edit or delete their accounts as they like. It will integrate available access links for users to log in to their social network accounts right away. But the security is very high because users can only open Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro with their password in forms such as fingerprint, retina, face, characters. Therefore, only you can Open and view stored passwords.

Generate a random but secure password

download password manager safeincloud pro apk

With this application, users can store existing accounts and passwords or add new ones. Password generation possibilities are limitless with characters, numbers, special symbols, etc., and easy to enter and edit from the keyboard. In addition, this application also helps users to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of passwords. It will show a strength indicator and a red weak point next to each password. Besides, it has an extra-strength indicator that shows the estimated cracking time if the password is compromised. From there, users can review and edit their passwords for the best security.

Powerful Synchronization

The most loved feature in Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is the ability to sync. Users can transfer their data information in the application from one device to another, from phone to laptop, tablet, PC, etc. In addition, the database is automatically synchronized with cloud accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex Disk, NAS, ownCloud, WebDAV. So users can view and access their accounts and passwords anytime without having to depend on the device any.

In addition, this application also allows users to share account information and passwords with other addresses. But this only happens when the user finishes sharing with someone they want themselves. This application will never reveal users’ accounts and passwords thanks to a reliable security mechanism using an advanced 256-bit encryption standard. So rest assured about your data in Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro.

Optimized interface

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is a feature-less application, so it has a simple and accessible interface. The main interface is where all user accounts on social networks and work applications are displayed. Just swipe and tap the screen to see more. In addition, the sub-interfaces are also very simple, displaying only the necessary information to optimize the user experience. The colors in the interface are also basic colors, such as white, black, light blue. Users can customize it easily with a white or black theme.

How to install Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro

If you want to use Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro for free, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the version Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro (MOD AD-Free) at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Next, open β€œsettings” on your Android device, go to β€œadvanced” and enable unknown settings.

Step 3: Next, open the app’s APK or MOD file and install it.

Step 4: Finally, open the app and use it as soon as you’re done installing it.

Download Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro MOD APK for Android

Password Manager SafeInCloud Pro is the tool you should have on your Android phone. With useful and reliable features, it will help you to store and manage multiple passwords at the same time for access at any time. No need to re-enter multiple times when accessing Facebook or Instagram and more. But everything is safe thanks to advanced encryption mechanism and application password setting technique using retina, fingerprint. It is personal for each user and only you can open the application and view inside information. What could be better?

Features MOD:

  • AD-Free

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