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Update OnOctober 3, 2022
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Do you have trouble with auto-click on your mobile device or don’t have too much free time to do the auto-click job continuously? Let Macrorify help you get your job done no matter what purpose it serves. This application offers more useful features than any similar application on the mobile market today. First, let’s take a look at it briefly.

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Introduce about Macrorify

Macrorify – The application supports auto-click automatically with many different gestures


Macrorify is known as one of the effective auto click applications on mobile devices. In addition to the self-click feature, this application also integrates a lot of powerful tools that promise to bring users more convenience. Typically, the Image Detection or Text Recognition feature will definitely help you in many different cases. Basically, this is also the first product of the publisher KoK-CODE up to the present time. However, it quickly received over 1 million installs along with high ratings on Google Play. Try using it to get the most realistic look.

Auto click for what purposes?

For today’s mobile device users, it will certainly not be too strange to the concept of auto click. Usually, we will use auto click for the purpose of playing games to increase performance as well as economic profit. It can be role-playing games or farming, building, and mining.

Any repetitive operation can make the player feel bored when done for a long time. Therefore, using an application like Macrorify would be the correct choice. It is like a program that is programmed automatically. After installation, the application will perform auto click operations for any purpose. This will save you a lot of time and effort while still achieving outstanding results.

Record and playback user operations

Macrorify supports users to record any sequence of actions on mobile devices through a few simple steps. Basically, you just need to open the application, then perform the operations in the correct sequence so that the available algorithms can remember. Finally, your actions will be fully recorded, and you can use them again at any time.

This application supports many different actions, so you can be assured of the effectiveness it brings. It can be touch, swipe, hold, swipe left, two fingers, zoom or drag and drop. Whether you use the activities individually or in combination, this application will not be difficult. Besides, users can also make edits or change the order of operations to better suit their needs.

Support image detection

This is considered one of the features that make Macrorify stand out from similar applications on the market. The way these feature works is relatively simple. Users just need to open the application and click on a photo to conduct identification. The available algorithms will help you to detect photos that are similar to the original image. From there, chain multiple visual triggers together to create complex conditional logic statements.

Fast text recognition

Besides the image detection feature, Macrorify also gives users the ability to quickly recognize text. The way it works will also be similar to what we described above. All users need to do is simply select the words to search. The system will then suggest documents with related words and paragraphs on the screen to use. Thanks to that, you can find the files you are looking for without spending too much time.

Modern and intuitive interface

Most applications on mobile devices today show extremely detailed features thanks to an intuitive interface. Macrorify is the same. This application offers a flat interface, along with the features presented through different icons. Besides the usual customizations, you can also easily customize the interface according to your own to feel the fun of the experience. In addition, the swipe gestures in this application are very smooth and have almost no lag.

How to install Macroify

Step 1: Macrorify’s APK and MOD file path will be displayed below the article. Tap the version you want to use to download.

Step 2: Click the Install button on the screen to install the application to the device after the download is complete.

Step 3: The application’s icon will be displayed visually on the main screen after successful installation. Tap it to use the app quickly.

Note: You need to uninstall all other versions of Macrorify before downloading the app from our website (if available).

Download Macrorify APK for Android

Macrorify is an application that is simple to use but gives users a lot of useful tools. Besides the above features, this application also owns a lot of other tools such as writing custom code, built-in macro store, automatically turning off the screen to save battery, and more. More specifically, you can download this application to your device and use it right away without rooting.

Features MOD:

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