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Update OnMarch 21, 2023
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BuzzCast APK is the best “one in all” social networking apps at the moment. Why do we claim that? First, please refer to this article, you will get the most accurate answer to the above question.

Note: You can also refer to some other social networking applications as Streamlabs or Litmatch.

Introduce about BuzzCast

BuzzCast – Connecting users around the world

BuzzCast is a video-sharing social networking application that creates a space for young people around the world to interact, exchange and make friends with each other. Through this application, users can do everything they want to express their feelings or make friends with anyone. Including posting statuses, enjoying short videos, participating in live streams, meeting celebrities, etc.

All the most prominent features of many social networking applications are gathered in BuzzCast. Therefore, it is not surprising that this application area has achieved more than 10 million installs on Google Play to date. Want to join the community of users of this app? Download the application through the APK link below the article to do it now.

Interact with many users around the world

BuzzCast aims to provide users around the world with an exciting social networking platform full of the best features. Therefore, the coverage of this application is really strong when it is released in more than 150 countries around the world. When using the application, users can upload videos, share and interact with each other to make friends. Of course, all the features in FaceCast are completely free, hopefully, new features will be released in the future to give users the best experience.

Watch, live stream for free

Accordingly, BuzzCast has gained a number of loyal users every month, so there are always people live streaming through this application at any time. Therefore, you just need to open the app and go to the live section to be able to follow them quickly. Moreover, there are many different genres, such as dancing to music, playing games, talking about secrets, etc. Choose the channel you like, don’t forget to comment in their broadcast room to create excitement Attachment.

And yet, BuzzCast also owns the functionality of a traditional live stream application. Thereby, allowing users to live stream unlimited and extremely simple. You just need to open the application, select the live stream function, and can enjoy all the live stream support tools available on the market for free. The special thing is that there will be no limit on followers, no user division, all available to all users.

Post fun short videos

Not only stopping at supporting viewing and live stream, but BuzzCast also allows users to post short videos with many different topics. The way these feature works is quite similar to TikTok, you can watch and share your videos with the user community. When the video receives a lot of interaction and likes, you will receive an official reward from the application. Besides, your short videos are also uploaded to the top trending and becoming more and more popular.

Easy chat

If you are looking for an application that allows chatting with others like Messenger, then BuzzCast will also be a suitable choice. Through this app, users can send or receive text messages, photos, emojis, stickers, and even voice messages. Just make friends with people around, you can text them all day with the best features.

Search around here

The search around feature is not really common on major social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, for BuzzCast, this feature has been raised to a new level. Users can turn on location, then view posts or make friends around their location. However, for this feature to work best, users near you must also have their location turned on for the application to be able to locate.

Translation tool support

As mentioned, BuzzCast is an application for a global audience, so it will need a powerful enough translation tool. As you can see, not everyone is fluent in international languages, so the translator-interpreter tool uses artificial intelligence to help you communicate more effectively.

Accordingly, the translation support tool of this application has many popular languages ​​around the world. Including English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, etc. will definitely make your communication process easier than ever. The language barrier has been removed, what are you waiting for without joining this application to make friends from all over the world right now?

How to install BuzzCast

Step 1: You need to download the version of BuzzCast (Original APK) from MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock unknown settings on an Android device. Allow “BuzzCast” to access your phone.

Step 3: Tap Install.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions.

Download BuzzCast APK for Android

BuzzCast is gradually gaining popularity thanks to its attractive built-in features. This application is not only a social networking site anymore, but it can also fully meet the needs of users related to making friends and exchanging. Moreover, a lot of entertainment features are available. They will help you immerse yourself in interesting content. Or you can also become a featured content creator in this application. If you ignore the appearance of BuzzCast, we believe that you will feel extremely regretful for not using it sooner.


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