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Update OnMarch 26, 2023
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Transform everything on portrait photos with FaceLab Photo Editor. This application provides users with a lot of different options, enough for you to change the original photos to become more interesting. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the attractive features that this application has to offer.

Note: Other photo editing applications at Modded-1.com such as PhotoRoom or ToonArt will also be suitable choices for you.

Introduce about FaceLab Photo Editor

FaceLab Photo Editor – Access to trends in transforming portrait photos

As you may know, the trend of changing faces through portraits has become extremely popular at the moment. This is not exactly a “soon to bloom, fade away” trend that has been continuously improved thanks to powerful editing applications. FaceLab Photo Editor is one of them. This photo editing application will help users access the face change trend through powerful features available.

download facelab photo editor mod apk

Accordingly, this application can help you change your age, gender, become a cartoon character, etc. with just a few simple steps. This application is relatively popular when it has achieved more than 5 million installs on Google Play along with a large user community. For devices using the iOS operating system, you can download this application through the App Store and install it normally. Do you want to know what you will look like in the future? Let the intelligent AI system available in the app help you do it now.


First, we want to cover the usage of FaceLab Photo Editor so that users can better understand it. Moreover, this application works quite similarly to other photo editing applications on mobile platforms. Players will still use a suitable portrait from the device’s gallery or take a selfie right at the main interface of the application. The photo will then display on the screen along with a variety of available customizations. Thereby, you just need to click on the features that you want to transform to better observe the change of the photo.

Note: FaceLab Photo Editor requires users to allow the application to access the device’s library to use the available photos. Or access the camera system to take photos right on this application. Of course, these permissions are completely safe and will not harm your device.

Become younger or age your face

The elderly users always want to return to their youthful days one more time to enjoy life. So let FaceLab Photo Editor help you fulfill your wishes with just a few simple taps. Thanks to this application, the user can return to the age of 18 at any time. The available algorithms will automatically remove wrinkles and regenerate your skin. Of course, there is only change through portrait photos and there will not be any change in reality.

In contrast, young users always want to discover how their faces will change in the future. The Make me Old feature will turn your portrait into an old man or old woman in seconds. The facial aging effect in FaceLab Photo Editor will work thanks to AI. So the changes will only be approximate and for reference for all users.

Toonify effect

The appearance of Toonify effect in FaceLab Photo Editor will make this application more diverse and serve many user needs. Perhaps transforming portrait faces into Disney cartoon characters has become too familiar for each user. Although it’s just an extra feature, the animation-like effects available in this app really make us feel good. Are you ready to transform your face into a cartoon character?

Lots of other changes

1. Become a Zombie

Yes, you are not mistaken. With just a few simple steps, FaceLab Photo Editor will turn users into real zombies and share that horror with people around. There are quite a few zombie editing tools waiting for you to discover in this application.

2. Change gender

Sometimes swapping gender for portrait photos will give users a lot of fun. Isn’t it nice to see my man’s face slim and cute like a young girl?

3. Oil painting filte

With this feature, the user’s portrait photos will instantly become highly artistic oil paintings. There are quite a few oil paint filter options available, choose for yourself the most suitable filter or change it alternately to create interest.

4. Beard Effect

There are some men who cannot be confident when their beard is not good enough or attractive enough for women. Don’t worry, the appearance of the beard effect in this application will help you to solve the above problem easily. Find beards that you like, then apply them to your face to make them stand out.

How to install FaceLab Photo Editor

Step 1: You need to download the version of FaceLab Photo Editor (MOD Pro Unlocked) released by MODDED-1.

Step 2: Unlock settings on the Android device, allow the “FaceLab Photo Editor” app to access the phone.

Step 3: Open the file FaceLab Photo Editor_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Click install.

step 4: Follow the instructions on the main screen.

Download FaceLab Photo Editor MOD APK for Android

If you are looking for the best face editing application today, FaceLab Photo Editor will be a completely suitable suggestion for you. This application not only possesses many characteristic transform effects but also offers a convenient and beautiful interface. All the features available in the application are geared towards the user experience needs. So, try downloading this application to your device to check it right away.


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