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GeoZilla APK is an application that supports the location tracking of family members. This will affect the personal privacy of each member, but we believe it will help you and your family to limit a lot of dangerous problems. You should first refer to this article to better understand how this app works.

Note: Learn more about some apps with similar functionality like Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps or Zenly.

Introduce about GeoZilla

GeoZilla – Application to support locating family members

Determining the location of family members will bring users a lot of benefits. Based on the location, you can easily capture the information of your loved ones. If there is any danger, they can also handle it promptly. This method is extremely useful for younger members, so how do connect people together?

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That is using GeoZilla, this is a useful location support application that is trusted by many people. Publisher GeoZilla Inc has integrated a lot of features from basic to advanced for you to easily keep track of your family members. With more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, we believe that this application will satisfy all user needs.

Allow access to some permissions

Before using GeoZilla, you need to grant some device permissions to this app for it to work best. Examples include real-time location services, notifications, contacts, photos and cameras, physical motion tracking, and more. Of course, these access rights will not affect the use process as well as the security of the device.

According to the announcement from the publisher, this application will not illegally use any resources from the user. Besides, you need to get the consent of all members for the location sharing function in GeoZilla to work optimally. This will help everyone to ensure their privacy. If anyone does not grant permission, you will not be able to know their current location.

Simple to use

As mentioned, the main function of GeoZilla is to accurately track the location of family members thanks to the built-in GPS tracking tool. Thanks to this locator, you can easily know where your loved one is moving or during what time period. In addition, this application also links directly with the map to help users determine the exact location of family members. Thanks to that, everything is always under your control without any unfortunate circumstances.

Basically, GeoZilla becomes useful in a lot of different situations in life. The most typical example is for members with young children who are studying at school. The appearance of this application will help you know where your child is after school, or if he is really at school or not. Moreover, this application also helps you to ensure the safety of the elderly and weak in the family.

Support interaction between members

One of the most used features in GeoZilla is interoperability. This application allows all family members to interact directly with each other through the screen. It is like a miniature social networking site, where you and your loved ones can leave comments, and notify each other so that everyone is well informed. Besides, you can also use the messaging feature to send photos like a regular chat application.

Some other useful features

Real-time location exchange: This feature allows you to be able to see the location changes of other users in real-time even when the app is closed on their device.

Show notifications: Just allow the application to access the notification permission. You will receive relevant notifications when the people around you change locations.

Change your profile: Change your profile to help people around you get to know you better, use a portrait of an iconic image that’s most recognizable.

Location History: This feature supports accessing history and viewing all activities, where every family member moves each day. It also works on subsequent visits so you can better understand people’s travel habits.

Besides, this application also comes with many other useful features that we have not been able to fully cover in the scope of an article. Please download GeoZilla at our website to explore it in its entirety.

How to install GeoZilla

Step 1: Download the Zenly APK or MOD version available below the article.

Step 2: On your Android phone, unlock unknown sources to allow apps to be installed.

Step 3: Open the file GeoZilla_MOD_modded-1.com.apk. Select install to proceed with the installation.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions. Finally, tap the app’s icon for quick use.

Download GeoZilla APK for Android

GeoZilla is one of the best location tracking services available right now. It works like a miniature social networking site, where you and your family members can know each other’s locations in real-time. Now you can keep yourself and your family safe with the help of GeoZilla. In addition, the MOD version on our website will help you experience all the basic to advanced features of the application completely for free.

Features MOD:

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