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AetherSX2 APK is a PS2 emulator, allowing you to play the most popular PS2 games right on your phone. Huge game store, smooth speed, good performance, and possibly high compatibility, that’s what you will find here.

Note: You can refer to many other applications such as Citra Emulator and DraStic DS Emulator on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about AetherSX2

AetherSX2 – Play PS2 games right on your phone anytime, anywhere

As you know, PS2 is one of the most popular consoles of all time. It has a huge stock of games with prominent names like GTA Vice City and San Andreas, God of War, Final Fantasy X, and more. But these days, it’s hard to find a PS2 on the market because back in 2012, Sony announced it would stop supporting the PS2. Therefore, if you want to get back to the old experience, you will probably need an emulator application like AetherSX2 from publisher Tahlreth. Previously, there were also many such emulator applications, typically DamonPs2 PRO. However, with many bugs as well as many ads, they do not really reach the majority of users.


By far, AetherSX2 is known to be one of the best emulators to turn your phone into a real PS2. Although it is still not official, many people still appreciate this application through the early access version (now available on Google Play). Thanks to that, it has quickly reached more than 500 thousand installs even though it is still in development and completion. When it officially launches, it can make a huge hit and win the hearts of gamers who love PS2. So, are you ready to relive the exciting childhood memories?

Many games to play for high quality

The most popular games on PS2 will be available to play when you download AetherSX2. It owns a large enough game store for you to play all day without getting bored. However, as you may already know, the original graphics quality of PS2 games is only 480p. It’s much lower than current gaming standards on mobile phones or Windows. So gamers may feel uncomfortable while playing the game. But AetherSX2 will support upscaling the graphics quality up to 1080p. Then the quality of the experience will be much better. But it doesn’t matter if you are a lover of the classics of the original games.

Play the game with two basic control modes

Users can set up virtual control mode or connect the phone to the controller via Bluetooth. For virtual control mode, they can also customize the position of the virtual buttons on the screen to make it as convenient as possible. However, for more fun, gamers should connect to a gamepad to play games on the big screen (computer or TV). Manipulating the game will be easier, the display image will be larger while the quality is not reduced. Therefore, AetherSX2 will be useful to use anywhere, whether at home or out. Play alone on your phone or play with friends and family. What’s better than a game party at home?

Requirements to use the application

The hardware configuration of the PS2 is not an issue with today’s phones. But compatibility is what matters. This means that even though you have a high-end phone, it may sometimes not be compatible to play PS2 games through AetherSX2. So, if you want to experience PS2 games on your phone, please check the following requirements:

  • The device is equivalent to Snapdragon 845, which means 4 big cores. If your device has only 2 large cores, performance may be reduced and the experience may not be as smooth as it should be.
  • The device should have Adreno GPU instead of Mali or PowerVR GPU as it will give better performance.
  • The device has at least 3GB of free space.

Free and no ads

AetherSX2 is different from regular PS2 emulator applications that are the user experience. It does not integrate any third-party advertising so that users can play the game with a smooth and uninterrupted experience. It is also completely free to download and install from Google Play or from Modded-1.com. So as long as your mobile device is compatible, there is no barrier to enjoying the best games on PS2 through your phone or gamepad device.

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Besides, this application also has an intuitive interface, compatible with phone screens and many larger screens. Users can use it from the very beginning without spending much time learning. Customizing the gaming interface is also easy by tapping and swiping on the screen.

How to install AetherSX2

Step 1: Download the APK version of AetherSX2 at the end of this article. Please select the file that suits your needs to begin the installation process.

Step 2: After that, do the following steps on your device: Go to Settings, look for AetherSX2 in Applications, go to Advanced Settings, and enable drawing on apps that have a source other than Google Play.

Step 3: Completing the steps above, you can install AetherSX2 and use it. It will not take more than 3 minutes to do this.

Note: You can get PS2 ROMs to play for free.

Download AetherSX2 APK for Android

AetherSX2 will be the best PS2 emulator application on the market today as soon as it is officially released. Longtime PS2 gamers will surely have fun with it because now it is no longer a problem to play the legendary classic games that once caused fever on PS2. Download it right away, customize, install the interface and graphics, then play the game right away without paying.

Features MOD:

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