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Rated as one of the best language learning apps on the mobile platform, LingoDeer APK has been attracting the attention of many users. With this application, you can access popular languages ​​around the world quickly and efficiently. First, let’s learn more about its advantages.

Note: You can also refer to some other language learning applications on our website such as ABA English or ELSA Speak.

Introduce about LingoDeer

LingoDeer – A language learning application that provides many interesting lessons

Learning foreign languages ​​at home through applications is gradually becoming popular in the present time because of its convenience and high efficiency. Now, you just need to download a language learning app like LingoDeer to access popular languages ​​around the world. This is an application from LingoDeer – Learn Languages ​​Apps and is highly appreciated by the user community.

Accordingly, it has achieved more than 10 million installs along with 4.6 ratings up to now. When using this application, users will have access to languages ​​through scientifically designed and complete lessons. From there, firmly grasp the knowledge of vocabulary and grammar, including listening and speaking skills of each language that you love. Besides, the lessons are built by a team of top instructors so you will feel the obvious progress after a period of study.

Access to many popular languages

As you may already know, English has always been known as the most popular language in the world. Therefore, the number of people wishing to learn English is increasing at the present time. LingoDeer understands that. So this application will provide you with quality lessons in English so that you can easily master the language.

However, if you want to learn a language other than English, this application can also accommodate easily. According to statistics, this application offers 95 courses in 38 popular languages ​​worldwide that you can access. All lessons are carefully compiled to help any user quickly access them.

Intensively designed courses

As mentioned, LingoDeer owns a diverse and in-depth lesson system designed by top instructors. You just need to persevere in studying with this application every day to be able to feel the noticeable progress. Accordingly, this application has thousands of vocabulary along with 150 lessons from basic to advanced.

The special thing is that they are in the form of small games so that users always feel most comfortable during the learning process. Besides, more difficult languages ​​like Chinese, Korean, or Japanese will come with different lessons. The common feature of these three languages ​​is that they all have hieroglyphic alphabets, so it will make learners feel confused at first.

Practice effective listening and speaking skills

Basically, all languages ​​around the world interact through four main skills. Includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing. And LingoDeer will help users ensure these skills effectively throughout the learning process. Especially listening and speaking skills will be supported by more powerful features. For example, you can select the Speaker icon to hear the pronunciation of the native speakers, then proceed to speak into the application to see if you have the correct pronunciation. If there is an error, the system will notify you and you can improve your speaking quickly.

Learn offline easily

The convenience of LingoDeer is raised to a new level when allowing users to learn offline easily. You don’t need an internet connection to learn a new language through this app. Of course, the data needs to be downloaded first so you can study wherever you want. We think you should be connected to the internet to be able to access the entire main content of this app. Online lessons are always updated with the latest knowledge and lectures in each period.

User-friendly interface

LingoDeer’s interface is optimal and suitable for all types of users. Thanks to that, you can easily access the learning content in this application quickly. Even players who have knowledge of a foreign language or use it for the first time will not take too long to access it. Moreover, the layout of features in the application also brings certain intuitiveness. You just need to touch the icons of the feature you want to access the lessons immediately.

How to install LingoDeer

Step 1: Download the LingoDeer MOD (Premium Unlocked) version at MODDED-1.COM.

Step 2: Click Install.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, the LingoDeer icon will appear on the screen.

Step 4: You just need to touch the icon to immediately use this application.

Download LingoDeer APK for Android

LingoDeer is a free language learning application on mobile platforms with useful features for all types of users. If you do not know anything about English or other popular languages, you should download this application to use now. Of course, the content in the free version is also quite limited and may not fully meet the needs of all users. Therefore, you should download the MOD version on our website to enjoy the most premium features completely for free.


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