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Update OnFebruary 2, 2023
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Challenge and develop your mind with Elevate – An app that trains users’ reflex skills from Elevate Labs. First, let’s find out what makes it special.

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Introduce about Elevate

Elevate is a mind development application designed specifically to improve concentration, speech, information processing speed, memory, calculation, for the user’s brain. The special thing is that each user will be able to use a separate training program, best suited to his / her forte at the moment. This will help users feel more excited during use.

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Practice the “brain” once a day is necessary if you do not want to age over time. If you want your brain to always be at its best, the daily use of Elevate is essential. Currently, this app has achieved more than 10 million installs and 4.5/5 ratings on the online Google Play store. Therefore, you can be completely assured of the interesting features that this application brings right from the first time.

Simple to use

During the first experience of Elevate, users will take a small test with the basic questions of each subject. After completing this exercise, the application can easily evaluate your performance. Note, the initial question is relatively important because it will directly affect the classification process shortly thereafter, thereby offering more appropriate exercises for users.

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In addition, this application also integrates many mini-games on many different topics so that players can challenge their knowledge limit. The mini-games in this app are relatively simple because they come with instructions. However, if want to complete all the built-in challenges is not a simple thing.

Diverse exercises

Elevate is not just a program that tracks brain exercises, it also works as a real trainer. Specifically, the exercises in this program can help users improve their ability to focus, communication skills, information processing speed, and a lot of other skills. The special thing is that each user can customize the exercise program to best suit his / her own conditions.

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In fact, this app is divided into quite a few different sections. Users can choose which part of the brain wants to improve in each stage. You then need to give the current age app to get the right level. Most of the exercises and games in Elevate are designed based on scientific basis so you can be assured.

Monitoring the training process

Every time you use the application, all data will be recorded so that users can easily track it in the next use. Through this tracking process, you can see their own parameters to better understand development in each stage. These parameters not only help you more conveniently in tracking but also improve other activities in daily life.

Note: Elevate will use this data to provide users with more effective lessons in the near future.

Friendly interface

download elevate mod full

Besides the aforementioned features, Elevate’s interface is also designed extremely intuitive and gives users certain friendliness. Charts are integrated intelligently right on the home screen so you can more conveniently follow. Typically some charts such as measurement charts, ladder levels, pie charts. The color system in the application provides relatively bright and dynamic colors, but is not too flashy. This also contributes significantly to stimulate the brain of users in the exercises available.

Why use the MOD version of Elevate?

You may not know, Elevate offers users two different versions of experience including free and paid. When using the free version, you will be subject to many different restrictions. For example, you only get 3 games a day while the paid version offers full of advanced features.

The price to experience the PRO version is equivalent to $4.99/month and $44.99/year. This is not a small number for a basic user at the moment. So you can download the MOD version of Elevate at MODDED-1 to experience completely free.

How to install Elevate

Step 1: First, make sure that previous versions of Elevate installed via Google Play or the App Store are removed from the device.

Step 2: Then, click on the APK link below the article to download the application.

Step 3: Next, click the Install button to install Elevate on your device.

Step 4: After the installation had completed, the application’s icon will appear on the home screen. And you just need to click on it to use this app right away.

Note: The way to download and install this application is relatively simple and does not cause new users too much difficulty.

Download Elevate MOD APK for Android

With all of the aforementioned functions, Elevate is truly a great “brain training” application for all users worldwide. It will help you stay active, flexible, and react quickly to any situation in life. If you are looking for an application that combines entertainment and exercise, Elevate will definitely be a choice not to be missed in the present. In addition, the exercises in this application will appear in easy to difficult levels to help users not feel bored when experienced regularly.

MOD Features:

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