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Update OnJanuary 30, 2023
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Duolingo MOD APK is a free English learning app developed on a mobile platform. It will definitely help users practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing English skills from basic to advanced.

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Introduce about Duolingo

Duolingo – language lessons

Foreign language learning is gradually becoming a common trend around the world. Knowing many languages ​​will help a lot in life as well as the advancement of careers. If you do not have any talent in a foreign language then don’t worry too much, because Duolingo will help you to do it easily. Most of the features in this application are built relatively simple and suitable for all users.

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Duolingo will help you practice listening to English, practicing English grammar. In addition, the application also helps you review and practice English vocabulary as well as standard English pronunciation like foreigners. In addition to learning English, Duolingo also supports learning many other languages ​​such as Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Spanish. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when this application has achieved more than 100 million installs worldwide.

Improve knowledge

When using Duolingo for the first time, users need to log into the application through their Facebook or Google accounts. Once the login process is complete, you can choose the language you want to learn from among the many built-in languages ​​in the application. Duolingo starts lessons very simply by giving up a noun in the native language and displaying a list of potential words in the target language, along with pictures for the user to easily familiarize themselves with.

Basically, this app will improve all of your skills including reading, speaking, listening, writing. Through visual lessons, along with grammar questions, we believe your English knowledge will increase rapidly. Initially, everything will be relatively simple to give users a certain enjoyment from the first use. Gradually, you will have access to more advanced knowledge to understand the language you are studying.

Study while playing

Each lesson in Duolingo is designed like a simple game right on the phone screen. The player will be given a certain number of lives (a heart-shaped icon) at the top of the screen. Every time they answer incorrectly or misinterpret, the player will lose a corresponding heart. When the number of hearts is reduced to 0, it means you have failed and have to repeat this lesson from the beginning. Overall, the process is relatively simple, but it encourages players to stay focused on lessons in order to remember important knowledge.

Strengths and weaknesses

In order to help users realize their strengths and weaknesses, Duolingo has integrated an extra monitor. It will appear as soon as you complete all the programs in the course, through which you will notice vocabulary that you are weak during the study. This is a very useful feature as it will help you identify outstanding weaknesses, thereby adjusting your learning method more effectively.

Why is Duolingo so popular?

As you probably know, Duolingo is a completely free language learning app. The special thing is that it contains no ads and does not require users to pay fees to buy features. If you are a beginner in learning a foreign language, this application is an extremely great choice.

This application will help you practice and learn common languages ​​worldwide for a few minutes every day. According to statistics, every day you only need to spend 5-10 minutes to complete a lesson and after only 34 hours studying with Duolingo, you can master the basics and advanced of a certain language.

The program stimulates your passion for learning by learning while playing, making you interested in learning English to match your achievements with your friends.

Why use the MOD version of Duolingo?

While Duolingo is free to install and use, if you want to use more premium features, there is a fee. It is called the Plus version, when you upgrade to this version you will receive extremely special benefits.

If you want to experience the Plus version without having to pay a fee then our MOD version will satisfy that need. Just follow the instructions below and you can download the Plus version of Duolingo to your device and experience quickly.

How to install Duolingo

Step 1: Download version Duolingo (MOD Unlocked).apk at MODDED-1.

Step 2: Click Install.

Step 3: Once the installation completes, the Duolingo icon will be displayed on the screen.

Step 4: You just need to tap on the icon to use this app right away.

Download Duolingo MOD APK for Android

Duolingo changes the way people learn languages ​​through cool built-in features. With this app, you can learn a new language completely for free, with no ads or extra fees during the whole learning process. This means that users will feel comfortable learning, leveling up, and challenging their friends. Besides, you also have the opportunity to translate actual words in the language you are studying. Hopefully, the above shares will help readers get a better overview of this great application.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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