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Update OnNovember 25, 2022
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Getcontact APK is an application that helps users avoid annoying calls during use. Basically, you can use this app to create a safe environment for calls, texts, and more. Before we start, let’s learn more about the outstanding advantages of this application.

Note: You can also refer to some applications with similar functions on our website such as CallApp or Wutsapper.

Introduce about Getcontact

Getcontact – Application to help avoid fake calls and messages

Fake calls are gradually becoming one of the common problems that cause users a lot of annoyance when using mobile phones. Now, the help of Getcontact will help you to block unwanted contacts instantly. At the same time, the application from the publisher Getverify LDA also provides users with some useful information related to anonymous calls. This will help you improve your contacts instead of just blocking spam calls. Up to now, this application has achieved more than 100 million installs on Google Play. So, it is extremely impressive for an application developed on the mobile platform.

Using simply

Getcontact is designed with users in mind all over the world so the usage of this app is really simple. All you need to do is simply download this app and log in to use it. Simple settings will appear on the home screen, then it will work with the default calling application on the device. Therefore, the information related to previous calls or calls in the near future will be fully displayed in this application.

Block fake calls

As mentioned, spoofing calls can be exhausting to listen in on a daily basis. Getcontact understands that. So, this application offers a very smart blocking of all impersonated calls allowing users to feel completely at ease. Basically, you just need to put the contacts you don’t want to hear on the blocked list in the app to do that. Besides, the system will automatically send an alert when there is an unwanted call to the device so that you can know the necessary information. This is quite useful because not all calls from unknown numbers are scam calls.

Identify caller information

One of the useful features that make Getcontact stand out from similar apps on the market is its ability to identify caller information. More specifically, this application allows users to know caller information even if the contact is not in their contacts.

More specifically, the entire caller ID that the application displays and the label of the scammers, and telemarketers will be made available to the user community. Of course, you can contribute by marking unwanted numbers as spam, and many others can do the same. As a result, users all over the world can help each other in securing calls and ensure that no time is wasted on spam calls.

Update block list regularly

The blocklist in Getcontact can be updated regularly by users to ensure that they are always safe when using their mobile devices. Besides blocking calls, you can also add phone numbers that send SMS to your device to the block list. Also, whenever they want to contact you, they will receive an out-of-range notification. Besides, don’t forget to add a reason to block these contacts to help other users get a better overview.

Some important requirements

Getcontact is an application that works on the user’s contact activities, so you will need to register an account when using it. To make things even better, you need to use your real phone number to register, and remember that each phone number can only be used for one registration. This will prevent fake accounts from trying to use this app for malicious purposes.

In addition, this application will also require the user to provide certain permissions on the Android mobile device. These can be access requests related to contacts, memory, calls, recordings, messages, and more. You can review the application options and accept requests so that Getcontact can work at its best. Also, update to the latest firmware version on your device to ensure compatibility when using the app.

How to install Getcontact

Step 1: Go to Modded-1.com, search for the keyword “Getcontact” and download the MOD or APK version at the end of this article.

Step 2: Click Install.

Step 3: The icon of the application will appear with the words “Getcontact by MODDED-1.COM”. Then go to the application to use it according to your needs right away.

Download Getcontact APK for Android

Getcontact is an application that helps users improve their calling experience in the most optimal ways. Using this application, you can block any unnecessary contacts or know exactly what unknown numbers are calling your device. From there, provide the correct solutions in each situation to achieve the highest efficiency. Besides, you can also use the MOD version on our website to disable all ads when using this application. It is of course completely free and very easy to install.

Features MOD:

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