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Update OnJanuary 27, 2023
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Quran Majeed MOD APK is an application specifically for followers of Islam. This application will help your prayer needs from basic to advanced to be completely met. First, let us learn more about the great features that this application possesses.

Note: You can also refer to some related applications such as Muslim Pro or Pocket FM.

Introduce about Quran Majeed

Quran Majeed – Great app for followers of Islam

Islam is a popular religion, it is supported by many people all over the world. The Muslim community is present in many countries around the world, mainly in India. Therefore, the appearance of an application to support Muslims like Quran Majeed is very necessary for the present time.

Quran Majeed

This application is from the publisher Pakdata and belongs to the category of Books and References on Google Play. Indeed, this application will provide maximum support for the user’s basic prayer needs, and at the same time provide some useful information related to Islam. Thanks to that, it has achieved more than 10 million installs along with an absolute rating of 5 points on Google Play. Therefore, you can like what this application has to offer.

Audio recordings of famous Quran reciters

Audio recitation is always an important need for any religion, and Islam is no exception. Quran Majeed understands that this application always wants to bring users the most beautiful and easy to listen to voices. Therefore, the audio clips in the application are from famous prayer readers around the world.

Such as some familiar names like Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays & As Shrym, Mishari Rashid, and more. An easy-to-listen voice will help you absorb the content much easier, so memorizing is no longer a difficult problem to solve.

Customize audio listening mode

In addition to attractive reciting voices, Quran Majeed also allows users to freely customize different audio listening modes. Choosing the right mode will help you optimize your memorization. Typically, some familiar modes such as repetition, number of repetitions, or speed will help you approach memorization more easily. Of course, you need to keep the necessary perseverance to be able to achieve the highest efficiency.

Prayer timer

Quran Majeed always wants to give users the core values for prayer, so the timer feature or statistics list in this application cannot be missing. When using, you can easily see World Prayer Hours (Salah/Namaz) with different notification options. This will completely solve the problems related to prayer time zone deviation in different countries. Just in time, the notification will send to your device to prepare the prayer process immediately.

Look for information

Memorizing long passages of text during prayer seems impossible for any new audience of prayer. Therefore, this application has provided users with a powerful search engine to find the right text instantly. Besides, the problem of the language barrier is also basically solved with this application.

The publisher has supported all translations into many different languages for easy access by users around the world. As of now, there are more than 45 different languages available for immediate use. Besides, the next updates will also add a lot of language options to meet everyone’s needs. In general, what this application brings is really convenient and suitable for all types of users.

Intuitive, customizable interface

The intuitive interface is one of the important highlights that helps Quran Majeed receive a lot of support from users. Most people believe that a suitable interface will make the prayer process more enjoyable and optimal. Therefore, the application provides users with a user-friendly interface with extremely streamlined features. In addition, you can also easily choose from different themes to personalize the interface according to your needs. Typically the theme Green, Classic Blue, Night Mode, Blue, and many more.

How to install Quran Majeed

Before downloading the application, you need to make sure that your device has never installed other versions of Quran Majeed. If so, delete it.

Step 1: Download the Quran Majeed application (MOD Version) to your device.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click the Install button to proceed with the installation. The app’s icon will show up on the home screen once the process is complete.

Step 3: Finally, you just need to touch the icon to immediately use the application.

Download Quran Majeed MOD APK for Android

Although it is only for a few Muslim target groups, Quran Majeed has really made a strong impression and attracted a large number of users. This application provides users with the most optimal features that make it easier than ever to reach and maintain Islamic prayer. Moreover, if you use the MOD version below the article, you will be able to use more advanced features than the regular version. What’s more, it’s completely free and very easy to install successfully.

Features MOD:

  • Premium Unlocked


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