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Rise of Mafia APK is a game inspired by the underworld. You need to quickly seize the opportunity to become a crime boss after the death of Godfather. Is everything really that simple? We believe that there will be many other forces ready to defeat you for the top spot in the underworld.

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Introduce about Rise of Mafia

Rise of Mafia – Journey to become the boss of the underworld

The underworld is always one of the interesting topics that game publishers are interested in. Among them is the appearance of publisher iFUN.COM. They have officially released its latest product called Rise of Mafia. It’s basically a strategy game inspired by the underworld. Where players will become part of the largest gangster in the city, from there developing step by step mastering the underworld.

Rise of Mafia: Boss Returns

By joining the game, you will go through a lot of different tasks and interactive situations if you want to develop your career. Besides, this game also possesses beautiful graphics quality and rich content that promises not to disappoint you. Rise of Mafia is currently available on both the App Store and Google Play allowing players to download and experience it immediately.

Godfather’s death

Rise of Mafia takes place after the death of Godfather after a melee between gangs. You receive a call from your family to inherit the position that Godfather is taking. This is really a huge responsibility, but you can’t let your family continue to face difficulties like it is right now.

Join Rise of Mafia, players will transform into the main character to find the culprit who killed Godfather and develop their own gangster. As a leader, you’ll have more to do than just enjoy life. Are you strong enough to become the strongest boss in the underworld?

Interact with different situations

Basically, the way Rise of Mafia works like a typical visual novel game but is set in the underworld. Specifically, players will be able to make decisions in a variety of different situations. For example, when a junior captures a henchman of another gang, you have the choice to capture him or release him without any intervention.

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Of course, each choice will change the content in this game significantly, so you should think carefully before making a decision. The gameplay is quite simple, on the screen will appear a question with a few choices. You just need to touch the checkbox you want to develop the story in the game.

Battles for power

As a game inspired by the underworld, Rise of Mafia cannot be without the wars for the power of the gangs. In the game, your task is to recruit the best juniors to strengthen the gang. At the same time, open wars for the territory to assert its position. In addition, this game also offers exciting PvP battles where you can compete with other opponents around the world for valuable rewards.

Dating pretty girls

The feature of dating beautiful girls is one of the factors that attract players in Rise of Mafia. When playing the game, you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of beautiful girls, then spend a lot of time with the girl you love. From there, there will be many remarkable situations that promise to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen. Moreover, each girl will have her own personality so you need to have a different approach.

Beautiful 3D graphics

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The quality of 3D graphics makes Rise of Mafia much more vivid. Accordingly, the details in the game show very well, successfully depicting the underground world with many different scenes. Each scene in the game will take players to different locations to perform their tasks. Besides, you can also see actually inspired constructions displayed on the screen. This is sure to make a strong impression on any player the first time they play the game.

How to install Rise of Mafia

To download Rise of Mafia APK at Modded-1.com, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the APK version of Rise of Mafia.

Step 2: Rise of Mafia is an unknown file and cannot work on your device. So you need to enable unknown sources in the “settings” section of your mobile device.

Step 3: Open the file Rise of Mafia_MOD_modded-1.com.apk and click install.

Step 4: Installation time is about 1 minute, you can play and enjoy this game immediately.

Download Rise of Mafia APK for Android

If you want to explore the underworld, Rise of Mafia will be a choice not to be missed at the moment. This game has just launched in the mobile game market so it brings remarkable and best features. With all the points we mentioned above, Rise of Mafia promises to be a game for readers to entertain after hours of studying and working stress.

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