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Rise of Empires APK is a real-time strategy game with a medieval setting. In this game, you will transform into the leader of a medieval kingdom. Your mission is to build and upgrade it into an epic medieval empire. There are quite a few things to do such as recruiting and training troops, taming dragons, building structures, and mining resources. Get ready for a long journey here.

Note: You can play other strategy games like Land of Empires: Immortal and Game of Nations on Modded-1.com.

Introduce about Rise of Empires

Rise of Empires – Build a medieval empire from ruins

Rise of Empires

Do you like empire-building games with top-notch strategy elements? Rise of Empires is for you. This game opens up a fantasy medieval world where dominion has not been decided. Gamers will work as talented generals who will lead their people to build an empire and rule the world. This is a long journey with hundreds of quests. But don’t worry, let the available quests guide you at the first stage.

Exploit resources

Entering the game, your kingdom is just a small unspoiled town. But it possesses a diverse ecosystem with endless resources. Gamers need to learn how to mine resources and reserve them for crafting and building. For example, they can send a group of soldiers to hunt for meat, cut down forests for wood, and more. Meat, wood, metal, stone, and agricultural products are primary resources. But unlike the rest of the resources, agricultural products are the source of your own creation.

Gamers can build large farms right in their kingdom. They will provide wheat, vegetables, and many other important things. An abundant food source will help you feed your army to perform a variety of tasks. The available quests will tell you what to do next, but how is up to you. Besides mining and farming, construction is the next important thing. Gamers need to turn small houses into solid constructions.

Build big projects

With the resources you have, start building and upgrading buildings in Rise of Empires. To build, gamers just need to touch the building and select “Upgrade”. The old building will be replaced by a larger and more modern building. Building and upgrading will take place throughout your experience. As long as you have resources, you can upgrade unlimited buildings. The higher the level, the stronger the buildings. From there, your empire will gradually be formed from the first levels.

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From cottages to strongholds, barracks, towers, and more, it’s been a wonderful development. Gamers will turn a small town into a majestic medieval kingdom. Each building in the kingdom will hold its own function. For example, military buildings are the place to train and assemble units of soldiers such as archers, cavalry, and infantry. The agricultural areas were the place where food was produced, providing resources for the whole kingdom. Meanwhile, the frontline area is a place for battles.

Engage in defensive battles

In the building process, gamers will encounter attacks from other kingdoms. They will drag troops to the front line of invasion and take your resources. To fight them, you need to build a defensive barrier and arrange troops properly. Place units from infantry to archers, cavalry, catapults, dragons, and more into the battlefield. The perfect combination will give a good defensive effect. But gamers need to upgrade regularly to improve the number and quality of troops.

Join online multiplayer

Rise of Empires is a multiplayer real-time strategy game. So you will not play the game alone but will participate in the great race with others. They will become your opponents in the process of building and defending their empires. However, gamers can also choose to cooperate with other players. From there, they will form alliances to support and grow together. Loot or make friends, it’s your choice.

Besides, there will be dozens of online events waiting for you in this game. Those events will come with attractive rewards, so don’t miss the opportunity to receive gifts. It is also a place where gamers will meet and compete with other players. In addition, they also have another competition on the leaderboard. Everyone wants to be at the top to hunt for exclusive promotion bonuses. Can you beat the best players?

Realistic and detailed 2.5D graphics

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This game will impress you with its 2.5D design style. It vividly depicts details from people to trees, resources, buildings, and world settings. As a result, a vivid medieval fantasy world appears on the phone’s vertical screen. Just touch the screen to change the perspective and expand the map. More new areas will gradually be unlocked, bringing new things to explore. Background music will draw you in throughout the experience.

How to install Rise of Empires

Step 1: Download the Rise of Empires (MOD or APK) version at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Open Settings of your device, go to Security/Privacy & enable Unknown Sources.

Step 3: Tap install Rise of Empires_modded-1.com.apk.

Step 4: Open the game after completing the installation and enjoy it.

FAQs about Rise of Empires

1: On which devices can I play Rise of Empires?

Please prepare Android 4.4+ or iOS 10.0+ devices to download and install this game. You can also play it on Windows operating system.

2: Do I need an internet connection to play it?

Of course, you need wifi or mobile data to play this game and connect with multiplayer.

3: What does the MOD version of this game have?

Please wait a little longer to download its MOD at Modded-1.com.

Download Rise of Empires APK for Android

So what else do you hesitate? Let’s download Rise of Empires and enjoy it now. This game is the place for you to show your strategic talent in empire-building and development. You have full control over what happens from recruiting and training troops to construction, farming, and more. In particular, you will have interesting battles with other kingdoms. Make every effort to protect your achievements against any invasion attacks.

Features MOD:

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