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Update OnAugust 27, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 6.0
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Liberty City MOD APK is a newly launched game on the mobile game market set directly from GTA. Besides the exciting action, this game also exploits the highly tactical battles that will surely make you feel excited. In this article, let’s learn more about this game.

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Introduce about Liberty City

Liberty City – Underworld and stories of the lone hero

GTA is probably a game series that is not too strange for all players in the world. This series of games mainly exploits the criminal world, where notorious gangs dominate the streets to the main streets of the city. Therefore, there are many games inspired by the famous GTA series but improved in terms of gameplay to provide a fresher experience.

Liberty City

Liberty City is a typical example, this game exploits attractive action scenes combined with typical strategic elements. This means that you will be immersed in the underworld and become part of the gangs. Basically, this is a product from the publisher Youzu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd promises to create new highlights for players. Currently, you can download this game through Google Play or the APK file below this article for a quick experience.

Underworld scene

An underworld is a dangerous place, it is inhabited by many evil elements in society. The story in Liberty City is about a guy named Arthur, who is a member of a notorious gang in the underworld. After a failed mission, this guy was fired from the gang, and his lover also said goodbye immediately. This is when Arthur feels the most frustrated, you need to help him assert his position in the underworld.

Liberty City is a rich place, but it also requires determination as well as talent to be able to make a lot of money here. Of course, you need to start by joining an organization before you become a leader yourself. First, join the Brotherhood with your childhood brothers in achieving certain achievements and take revenge on those who despised you before.

Gameplay is a little bit different

Similar to GTA, Liberty City offers players a large open world with lots of activities to explore. Typically destroy enemy bases, rob banks, fight other gangs, swim, play tennis, party with hot girls, and more. Each activity in this game includes lots of different exciting happenings that are sure to keep you interested. Besides, the control method in the game is quite simple with the appearance of typical virtual buttons.

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In the battles, players will partly feel the newness through the available strategy. Here, your task is to combine different characters to defeat all opponents and get worthy rewards. The ability to customize in Liberty City is very diverse. You can increase the win rate by combining the characters appropriately. Not only that, but in this game, the publisher also released a lot of eye-catching costumes for users to freely customize for their characters.

Multiple game modes

Besides the normal game mode, players can also experience the available AFK mode to feel more relaxed. In this mode, you do not need to show your tactical talent too much, instead, the AI system will help everything become automated. This means that you do not need to log in to the game often, everything can continue even when you are offline. However, we still encourage you to log in to the game regularly to receive attractive tasks every day and complete them if you want to receive valuable rewards.

Graphics create accents

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In fact, Liberty City has a third-person perspective to help players observe everything happening in the most general way. Character creation is also very typical through the available 3D graphics quality. Thanks to that, you will feel that everything looks so vivid and not too different from the real world. All the details in the game are described very nicely, it is important that it does not require too high a configuration and can be enjoyed smoothly on devices with mid-range configuration.

How to install Liberty City

Step 1: Make sure your device doesn’t have a version of Liberty City downloaded from the App Store or Google Play (if available).

Step 2: You can download the original Liberty City APK version at Modded-1.com.

Step 3: Open the APK file “Liberty City_MOD_modded-1.com.apk”. Click Install and wait until the process is complete.

Step 4: Once done, you can open the game and enjoy all the exciting features it has to offer.

Download Liberty City MOD APK for Android

Liberty City is a game inspired by GTA so you will quickly feel the familiarity from the first time you enjoy it. This game also has a slight change in gameplay to give players a new experience. Moreover, this game has just been released at the moment so it needs a little more time to perfect everything.

Features MOD

  • DMG Multiple
  • Defense Multiple
  • Unlimited Skills


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