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Update OnSeptember 27, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Legend of Ace MOD APK is a typical MOBA game that brings players to familiar 5v5 battles. You will control powerful warriors against powerful enemies on the battlefield. Besides, you also need to coordinate well with the surrounding teammates to aim for the final victory.

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Introduce about Legend of Ace

Legend of Ace – MOBA game combined with attractive TCG elements

Although it was released a long time ago, MOBA games still dominate the world game market. If you are looking for a MOBA game with innovation in the way it operates, then Legend of Ace will be a choice not to be missed. This is a MOBA game combined with the TCG card element from the publisher Still Gaming.

Legend of Ace

At the same time, the battles in the game also take place at a fairly fast pace, both teams will fight together until they successfully destroy the opponent’s main house. Currently, Legend of Ace has more than 5 million downloads on Google Play, we believe it will not disappoint you to enjoy. Choose your favorite champion and compete in the vast map that this game brings right away.

Fight and win glory

Each match will have two teams playing, each team will consist of five players fighting each other for glory. Like most typical MOBA games, there are five roles that you should be interested in Legend of Ace, including top, bottom, mid, jungle, and assistant. Each role will have corresponding tasks in each battle to help the team win.

The most important goal for both teams is to destroy the opponent’s base as soon as possible. Accordingly, each battle in the game will last about 10 minutes and you need to coordinate well with your teammates if you want to win. The fast pace in each match also means that you need to always stay focused and limit mistakes if you don’t want to lose.

Choose the right hero

The hero system in Legend of Ace is relatively diverse with a completely different appearance and fighting power. Each hero will also fit into a certain role in each match. You can rely on the skill of each hero to decide where to use that hero. In addition to the three main skills, there will be two supporting skills that help players get out of difficult situations quickly. Besides, this game also provides a variety of costumes for all heroes. Any character can stand out thanks to the available costumes.

Change equipment to suit each situation

download legend of ace mod

In battles, you need to buy the right equipment to help your character become stronger. The difference in equipment will also put your team at a disadvantage in team fights. Moreover, each item will provide different stats and you should alternately change it in each situation to get the most out of it. For example, tanking generals will tend to use equipment that increases defense, or assassins need to use items that bring high damage.

Special TCG system available

As mentioned, Legend of Ace is not only a typical MOBA game, but also integrates a special TCG system. Here, you will have the opportunity to access hundreds of different cards that give the hero certain advantages in battle. The cards not only change the attack direction of heroes and defensive attributes but also provide many new skills. The special thing is that players will be free to choose cards to execute their own strategy in each match and enjoy the joy of winning.

Exciting achievement system

The achievement system is one of the factors that make this game more competitive. Accordingly, players need to achieve specific goals in each match to be able to complete assigned tasks and receive special rewards. At the same time, you can also put your name on the world rankings to affirm your talent with global gamers. Of course, to do that, you will have to continuously improve your skills.

A series of exciting events

download legend of ace apk

Events in Legend of Ace will help players feel more excitement when playing the game. In fact, the publisher will launch attractive promotional events, from discounts on costumes and heroes to recharge packages. Accompanying that is the free costumes will also be given to players who complete the tasks in the system. Just by regularly logging into the game, you can receive extremely valuable rewards.

How to install Legend of Ace

Step 1: Download the version (APK or MOD) of Legend of Ace from Modded-1.com.

Step 2: Unlock unknown sources on your mobile device.

Step 3: Start the installation of the Legend of Ace_MOD_modded-1.com.apk file.

Step 4: Complete the installation, the logo icon will appear as “Legend of Ace” on the screen. Click the icon to experience the game immediately.

Download Legend of Ace MOD APK for Android

In short, Legend of Ace is really a MOBA game combined with extremely good TCG elements on the mobile platform. You will have to give your best to be able to win the 5v5 battles with other opponents around the world. To do that, you will need the help of the MOD version on our website.

Features MOD

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