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Update OnOctober 8, 2022
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RequiresAndroid 5.0
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Iron Marines Invasion MOD APK is an attractive strategy game. Here, you have a duty to lead your galactic army to participate in space wars and protect cosmic peace. Show your strategy by combining the best units and heroes. A series of incredible enemies on many planets are waiting for you.

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Introduce about Iron Marines Invasion

Iron Marines Invasion – Cross-space strategic battles

Iron Marines Invasion is the sequel to its predecessor Iron Marines. It possesses many outstanding improvements both in terms of content system and graphics. But it is still about the story of the great alien war. There, you are the sole leader of the galactic army and keep the mission to protect the peace of the universe. The game gives gamers a super-rich system of heroes and units. Each unit can also be upgraded and unlock many powerful skills. Therefore, gamers can be creative and flexible in strategy.

Iron Marines Invasion

The game not only impresses with unique and fresh content, but it also makes gamers fall in love with its vivid design and eye-catching combat effects. Moreover, it includes many campaigns and missions and has many difficult modes to choose from. And this game is also completely free to download here. Don’t hesitate to discover more about it now.

Build a galactic squad

Currently, this game has more than 25 campaign missions and tons of planets to explore. On each planet, gamers will have epic battles like never before with alien enemies. Their mission is to win wars to protect the planet from the invasion of monsters and mutant creatures. To do that, they need to establish a strategic formation of powerful units and heroes. Each unit and hero has its own set of advantages, but they can all be combined to support and replenish power.

The job of a leader like you is to find the best combination to create a perfect team. There are up to 9 groups of units and 9 different heroes to choose from and combine. Besides, in the battle, you can call special weapons and skills to gain an advantage. Consider the battlefield situation to make rational decisions and conquer all enemies. At the same time, you should take the time to explore and learn about each planet and enemy, thereby planning to deploy an effective attack.

Upgrade your heroes and units

The battles in Iron Marines Invasion will become more and more fierce as the enemies become more and more crowded and powerful. Therefore, the upgrade is necessary to help gamers keep a balance in all battles. Accordingly, they can upgrade the strength of the heroes, making them the best in the galaxy. Also, think about upgrading units from rangers to snipers, rocket launchers, alien warrior clans, mechanics, and more.

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The upgrade will help improve stats such as firepower, stamina, accessibility, and the ability to detect enemies. Besides, do not ignore more than 8 special weapons that can be recruited on the battlefield. It includes bouncers, poison bombs, drones, robots, rockets, and more. Each weapon will have a different impact on the battlefield, thereby helping you gain an advantage against fearsome bosses.

Explore countless unique planets

The game has tons of different planets that are your battlefields. Each planet has its own unique features in terms of landscape, terrain, style, enemies, and more. Therefore, players need to learn well about each battlefield to have a reasonable battle strategy. The level of battles will become more and more fierce depending on the level you choose, from Casual to Normal, Veteran, and even Impossible. The challenges for you in the planets will make you unable to sit still. See how a series of incredible bosses will plague your galactic army.

Detailed and vivid design

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The battles in the game are clearly depicted on 3D graphics under the third-person perspective from the top. This perspective helps players observe the entire battlefield, terrain, enemies, and each skill manipulation. The unique combat effects will make them unable to take their eyes off the screen. The style of the battlefield is diverse and flexibly changes according to each planet. Moreover, the appearance of warriors and units is extremely new and different. The sound is also pretty great, the background music is catchy. Everything is quite perfect to deliver the engaging strategy experience you are looking for.

How to install Iron Marines Invasion

Step 1: Download Iron Marines Invasion MOD APK at the “Download” link in this article. It is free.

Step 2: Install the downloaded file.

Step 3: After the installation is complete, the game will be available to run on your phone.

FAQs about Iron Marines Invasion

1: Is this game completely free?

Iron Marines Invasion is not free. It requires you to pay about 2$ to download from Google Play or App Store. Besides, if you want to unlock rare unit cards, you need to pay cash.

2: How to unlock resources without paying?

The best option is to download our MOD version at Modded-1. Just a single download and install and you will own “Unlimited Money” and “Unlocked Heroes”.

3: Can this game run on mid-range devices?

Possible. It owns a medium 3D graphics platform, so it can run smoothly on many devices. But make sure you play it on your Android 5.0 or later or iOS 11.0 or later device.

Download Iron Marines Invasion APK & MOD for Android

It’s great that you can play Iron Marines Invasion right now. It is an attractive strategy game with vivid design and a rich collection. You can find dozens of new units, heroes, and weapons to take part in the alien war and master the galactic wars to be the best team. The further you go, the more there is to discover and conquer.

Features MOD:

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlock Heroes


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Andres Acevedo
Andres Acevedo

The game downloads fine and everything, but when I enter a mission the screen goes black :/