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Swell Games LLC
Update OnJanuary 19, 2023
Category Strategy Games
RequiresAndroid 5.1
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Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK is an endless tower defense strategy game with idle style. Your mission is to gather powerful monsters to resist the invasion from the human army. There are over 120 monsters with unique skills to discover and up to 3 upgrades to change the monster’s appearance and strength. Enjoy it on your phone now.

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Introduce about Idle Monster TD Evolved

Idle Monster TD Evolved – Idle but addictive tower defense gameplay

The strategic tower defense genre once again appears in the new game of the publisher Swell Games LLC, which is Idle Monster TD Evolved. It brings you the endless battle between monsters and humans on an increasingly epic scale. But you will be the leader of the monster faction whose mission is to prevent human invasion and destruction of the monster territory. Yes, it is an overturned scenario, promising to give gamers a lot of new inspiration.

Idle Monster TD Evolved

This game does not have a clear level system, instead, it goes on endlessly with increasing levels. It requires gamers to make quick decisions and have a wise strategy to go as far as possible. It also integrates online leaderboards for gamers to compete against each other. So, make an effort to become the top strategist on the leaderboard to hunt for great rewards and trophies.

Build strategic defenses from monsters

With the familiar gameplay of tower defense games, the gamer’s task is to place different units on the corresponding positions on the map. This time, those units were monsters from dungeons and darkness. They possess great power to create real earthquakes on the defensive map.

But swarms of human armies would continuously move in to destroy the monster base. They are more and more crowded and stronger, which is why you need to constantly upgrade your defense. At the same time, learn more about each monster in the collection to know its limitations and advantages. Then, gamers need to find a way to combine them together properly to maximize the capacity of each unit.

Besides the regular mode, Idle Monster TD Evolved also offers biweekly PvP tournaments for gamers to compete against real players. They don’t like the default enemy system in the game because they have their own wisdom and intrigue. Therefore, to win them, gamers need a comprehensive defense and have high flexibility. Spend your free time in regular battles to think of many new strategies, help to overcome limitations, and exploit maximum advantages.

Unlock and upgrade many unique monsters

Currently, this game brings more than 40 different monster towers. Each monster has its own look and strength inspired by the elements of the world. It can be fire, water, snow, electricity, magic, and more. And the monsters that possess them can be dragons, rabbits, bees, robots, tanks, demons, and jungle monsters. Each character will have three upgrades to unlock new looks and powers.

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The character system is divided by rarity, including epic, legendary and mythic. The higher level monsters are, the more expensive they are, but the more effective they are. Gamers need to accumulate gold coins to unlock them, thereby increasing the victory rate on the battlefield. Besides, make additional upgrades to increase damage, attack range, golden ratio, reduce enemy HP, and more.

Explore multiple maps

Gamers will have the opportunity to explore 5 different maps in Idle Monster TD Evolved. Each map has its own rules for them to experience their own unique strategies. These maps can have forest, snow, desert, dungeon, cave, and more themes. You will see them with a different beauty and separate enemy systems. So it’s exciting to explore them and deploy many of your new strategies.

Bright graphics, epic effects

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The visual style of the game can leave you in awe. It depicts the characters and effects very vividly. The classic monster system appears with a cute and cool appearance, plus impressive skill effects. Besides, the battlefield scene with many themes also contributes to inspiration. Also, the combat effects and the sound is very attractive, making gamers unable to take their eyes off the lively defense battles.

How to install Idle Monster TD Evolved

Step 1: Click the link in this article to download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK at Modded-1.com.

Step 2: You need to select “Install” to install the downloaded file. The installation process will take about 1 minute and the game icon will appear on the screen as soon as the installation is finished.

Step 3: Click the game icon to open and enjoy the game on your phone.

Download Idle Monster TD Evolved MOD APK for Android

There’s not too much to complain about Idle Monster TD Evolved, an impressive idle tower defense game. Just click to play, but its appeal is not small at all. It will lead gamers through the adventure journey on many unique maps and participate in unique defensive battles. Unlock powerful monsters and combine them with each other to build your craziest defenses. Don’t let the human army go deep inside if you don’t want to lose your stronghold.

Features MOD:

  • DMG x1-x100
  • Max Attack Range
  • Always Crit


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